Welcome to Le Moyne College!

Congratulations on your admission to Le Moyne College – home of the Dolphins! We are thrilled that you have  accepted the invitation to enroll in our community and make Le Moyne College your home away from home. Your experience provides opportunities for you to develop community spirit, to dive deep into inquiry and to discover your leadership potential – all in the context of our longtime Jesuit tradition and history.

You will find that Le Moyne is a community that cares about the holistic development of our students and that your engagement in the classroom and in extracurricular activities supports both your satisfaction and success here at the College.

Here are some helpful next steps to help you as you prepare for college:

Grewen Hall

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Le Moyne Campus

As a member of the Class of 2025, you will be invited to take part in Heading to the Heights, our comprehensive orientation program that prepares you for life at Le Moyne. You will first attend a virtual Summer Welcome session in July to help you complete the "business" of becoming a College Student and meet new classmates. Students will complete their orientation experience by being welcomed to campus for a three-day Fall Arrival. This required program will include several days of welcome events and introduction to life at Le Moyne before sophomores, juniors and seniors arrive.


Le Moyne Student

As a new transfer student entering Le Moyne in Fall 2021, you will participate in a multi-part orientation, called “TRANSFERmations." This welcome program is tailored to the needs of new transfer students and invites you to virtually attend “Connecting to Campus”, a brief introduction to Le Moyne College and the services available. Both students and their family members are invited to participate. Later, as the fall semester approaches, you will arrive for “New Beginnings,” a half day-long session on the Saturday before classes begin. This part of the program gives you even more insight into services at Le Moyne which will promote your success at the college. TRANSFERmations is followed by a series of activities during the first few weeks of the semester designed specifically to engage new transfer students into the Le Moyne community.



With three housing options for first-year students (St. Mary’s, Nelligan and Dablon Halls), we strive to provide a variety of community-centered experiences.

Student resident advisors and graduate student resident directors live in each campus residential space and provide 24/7 support for residents. We take pride in the active, engaged and nurturing atmosphere that is residence life at Le Moyne. Students with special housing accommodations must contact the Office of Campus Life and Leadership for assistance at (315) 445-4520.

Learn more about what to bring to campus.

Le Moyne Student on Quad

A copy of the Food Service Contract will be included in the Heading to the Heights guide. Students should choose their meal plan from the options provided. All students living in Dablon, Foery, Mitchell, Nelligan and St. Mary’s residence halls are required to have a meal plan.

Munch Money is included in each meal plan but in the event that it is depleted before the end of the semester, additional money may be added to the student’s meal plan anytime throughout the school year. The money can be used at: the Dining Hall, the Dolphin Den, the C-Store and Kaffe Nuvo. For questions regarding food service please contact Dining Services at (315) 445-4699.

Student Outside Science Center
Information Technology has prepared some computer/laptop specs to help you get the most out of the campus computing network. For additional questions networking, software, computer labs, or basic computer issues, please contact the IT Service Desk at (315) 445-4579.
Le Moyne Students
Both resident and commuter students must register their vehicles with Campus Security. The registration process is done online at www.thepermitstore.com. Students should have their vehicle registration, student I.D. and credit card available when registering online to ensure accurate information is added in the system. In addition to fee outlined below, a $5.95 processing fee with also be charged regardless of whether the permit is purchased online or in person at Campus Security. First-year students will pay a fee of $500 for one full year of parking. Campus Security can provide additional details.
Student Reading

All entering freshmen will participate in a common reading experience prior to the beginning of classes in the fall. The reading selection for the Class of 2025 will be announced at your Summer Welcome. This assignment will effect coursework in the core curriculum once students have arrived to campus. Therefore, it is essential that students complete the reading over the summer.

Health & Wellness
Students Outside Science Center
Forms for immunization and health requirements will be provided in the Freshman Welcome packet and will need to be completed before the start of the academic year. For additional questions regarding immunizations and general Wellness Center services please call (315) 445-4195 or visit their site.
Bursar's Office
Tuition bills for the fall semester will be sent out in mid July. Payment plans are also available through the Office of the Bursar. For additional information regarding billing or payment plans call (315) 445-4350.
Students in Lecture
During the Heading to the Heights program, students will meet with their advisor to begin creating their class schedule. All required course materials will be distributed once schedules have been received after Summer Welcome Days. The college bookstore is provided by Barnes & Noble.
Students Walking to Class

The Academic  Support Center arranges academic accommodations for students eligible for assistance under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act. Students with learning, physical, or emotional disabilities are encouraged to contact the Director of Disability Support Services, Roger Purdy, as soon as possible in order to assure that accommodations can be made in a timely manner.

Written documentation of a disability or temporary disability is required before academic accommodations are implemented. For more information, call (315) 445-4118 or visit our website at Disability Services.

Students in Paris
Students traditionally study abroad in their Junior year, but some students may, with approval, study abroad in other semesters. They will learn more about the program criteria at an information session held once a semester. There are limited spots available for the program. Explore where you can study.
Le Moyne Library

In keeping with the Jesuit concept of the development and success of the whole person, Le Moyne College offers a variety of free academic support services.

  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Study groups
  • Assistance with learning strategies and study skills
  • Academic support and counseling for students on probation
Student Success Center Faculty

The Student Success Center strives to create a welcoming environment that promotes individual achievement.  As educators committed to empowering students, we inspire self-discovery and discernment; encourage personal responsibility, celebrate student accomplishments and foster life-long learning.

A professional academic advising staff offers students and faculty comprehensive programs tailored to the needs of students at distinct developmental stages, including programs for first-year and transfer students and students who have not declared a major, as well as comprehensive orientation programs, early intervention programs, coordination of academic standing and assistance to students on academic probation, tutoring, and support to students enrolled in the ERIE21, HEOP and AHANA programs, and C-STEP.

Among the services offered by the Student Success Center are free individual tutoring during the academic year for students taking 100 and 200-level courses in mathematics, economics, philosophy, the natural sciences and some foreign languages. 

Le Moyne Campus

Le Moyne’s Student Success Center strongly encourages students to participate in our First-year Learning Community Program. Each year, the College offers first-year students an opportunity to live and learn with other first-years who share their interests or major via linked courses and a common residential and advising experience. Past participants have remarked that their first-year learning community helped them adjust quickly to College life, make friends easily and get to know their faculty better.

In addition, you will want to make contact with:

Office of Student Development: This office coordinates essential student life services including housing and food service, student conduct, personal counseling, security, service learning, health services, athletics and campus ministry.

Information Technology: Information Technology provides computing services as well as telephone, cable and data services to the College community. Students can obtain their computer accounts, including campus network, email, campus portal, WebAdvisor and Blackboard accounts, through this office.


Pre-Fall Enrollment 
Advising for first-year students begins prior to the first day of classes. Once students choose Le Moyne College, they receive Heading to the Heights, a First-year Student Guide, and access to an Online Advanced Registration System (OARS) that prepares them for a one-day “Summer Welcome” where they will meet an academic advisor in their major, complete their fall course schedule and take placement tests. This pre-college program is designed to acquaint students and their parents primarily with the academic aspects of the first-year experience.

First Year of College
First-year students are assigned to an academic advisor in their major or, if undeclared, with a professional advisor in the Student Success Center. The student’s first-year advisor should be considered a primary mentor and is critical in helping the new student develop the skills necessary to make valuable decisions throughout their academic career and in their major. Frequent interaction between first-year advisor and student is essential, especially in the first semester.

Departmental Advising
After the first year, Le Moyne assigns upper-division faculty advisors to sophomores, juniors, seniors and transfer students. Each student is advised by the department chair of the major or a faculty designee of the chair. Transfer students who are undeclared are advised by the dean for academic advising and support, or the dean’s designee. Students who remain undeclared in their sophomore year may continue to be advised by either their first-year advisor or the dean/dean’s designee.


The Advisor/Advisee Relationship
The advisor and student share equal responsibility to develop a meaningful relationship. Advisors can provide guidance and mentoring to help students make informed choices. However, students are ultimately responsible for meeting the requirements of their degree programs.

Students should meet on an individual basis with their advisor several times each semester. Both individual and group meetings are quite important, especially prior to registration, as academic advisors must review the students’ proposed schedules and approve them for student registration on WebAdvisor. These meetings also allow for discussions about the student’s major/minor, possible internships, and career planning. Some departments schedule group advisement to inform students about activities and new classes in the major while others offer special programming and events regarding major-related topics, e.g., departmental research opportunities and internships.

Students Outside Building

While it is integral to Le Moyne’s mission for faculty and administrators to encourage students to seek their assistance, sometimes students are at a crossroads and need additional, immediate or more intensive support for their well-being and academic success. Students can also experience unexpected extenuating circumstances during their time at Le Moyne that will affect their academic performance and their lives while at college. For that reason, Le Moyne has established the Early Alert Sytem Exchange (EASE), a confidential early intervention and referral process that provides avenues for professors, administrators, and staff with the means to identify students in need of additional support.

These students may exhibit risk factors that may limit their ability to be successful at Le Moyne. Such factors may include academic challenges, major life events causing overwhelming stress, unmet emotional or medical needs, or lack of a support structure. In addition, EASE also identifies students with multiple deficiencies at mid-term and those who are not following required academic probation guidelines. The EASE process is led by the Assistant Dean for Student Development and the Assistant Dean for Student Success.

Grewen Hall

Le Moyne students are encouraged to take advantage of the free services coordinated by the Student Success Center. The office provides tutoring, study groups, individual consultations and workshops for all students seeking to improve their academic performance and achieve excellence. Individual and group support is also available to students interested in strengthening their learning strategies (e.g., time management, note-taking and test prep strategies). Students are welcome to set up individual appointments with a member of the advising staff to learn more.

Free one-to-one tutoring and study groups are available during the academic year. Students can make tutoring appointments online by visiting lemoyne.mywconline.com. For more information, contact (315) 445-4597.

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College Catalog – the yearly edition of the “contract” between students and Le Moyne. The College Catalog can be found online at: www.lemoyne.edu/catalog
Major – a primary field of study in which students gain a depth and mastery of knowledge (e.g., a major in political science)
Concentration – an area of additional academic focus, closely connected to your major that provides advanced study within a specific area (e.g., a major in sociology with a concentration in criminology)
Minor – typically a five-course sequence that provides students with a breadth of experience that enhances their study (e.g., a major in marketing with a minor in psychology) – Optional for most majors
Special Program – an undergraduate transfer program that allows students to pursue coursework at Le Moyne and then transfer to another institution to obtain a degree in a field of study not offered at Le Moyne (e.g., earning a bachelor’s degree in physics or computer science from Le Moyne and a master’s degree in engineering from Syracuse University)
Degree – Le Moyne awards Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees that place emphasis on the humanities and social sciences and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees that provide focus in the sciences and business. We also award selected master’s degrees.