About Entertainment and Literature Clubs

Academic goals cannot be achieved without the development of the student’s total personality. Since the majority of a student’s time is spent outside of the classroom, extracurricular and co-curricular activities serve as valuable partners with academics in the enhancement of the total college experience. Clubs and organizations provide opportunities for students to meet and interact with others who share their interests. They also provide opportunities for ­students to explore new interests.

Performing Arts


The Boot and Buskin Theatre Club


Founded in 1949, Boot and Buskin is the oldest theatre group on campus and is the primary vehicle for student theatrical activity. There are three mainstage faculty-directed productions each year with participation open to students in all majors. A student staff of 10-12 provide management and technical support to these shows as well as for other events. 


Major Arcana


Great theatre challenges us, inspires us, and moves us. It calls us to look at ourselves and at our place in the world, and to consider how we can best realize our fullest potential. Perhaps most critically, theatre teaches us. To that end, the goal of Major Arcana is theatre of the students, by the students, and for the students and Le Moyne community. Its goal is to provide students with the opportunity to participate in all areas of a theatrical production and to engage them in the theatrical community of Central New York. To accomplish this goal, students produce, direct, and manage all aspects of any Major Arcana production. 


No Scripts Attached


This student-run troupe is open to everyone with an interest in creating original improvised and devised works.


Le Moyne College Symphony Orchestra


The LCSO boasts full instrumentation (featuring strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion) and performs multiple concerts both on and off campus each academic year. The orchestra performs music from all genres, including classical, film, pop, and everything in between. 


Le Moyne College Rock Ensemble


The Le Moyne Rock Ensemble explores the world of rock music from 1955 to the present. Students listen to, discuss, and arrange songs, in addition to collaborating on original songwriting. Rehearsals culminate in a public performance. 


Le Moyne College Jazz Ensemble


Performing concerts at the end of each semester, the Le Moyne College Jazz Ensemble aims to replicate the classic big band sound (think Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, etc.). Instrumentation consists of saxophones, trumpets, and trombones (with an occasional flute or clarinet) and a rhythm section of piano, bass, guitar, and drums. 


Le Moyne College Jazzuits


Specializing in vocal jazz repertoire and songs from the Great American Songbook, the Jazzuits are very active with performances on and off the Le Moyne campus as well as participating in jazz festivals and workshops. 


Le Moyne College Joyful Noise


There are times when we are all called upon to make a joyful noise. The Joyful Noise Music Ministry Club does just that, providing music at liturgical events whenever called upon, both on the Le Moyne College campus and in the community at large. In recognition of the College’s Jesuit tradition, Joyful Noise aims to educate the whole person by providing members with the chance to learn more about themselves through song, as well as a chance to give back to the community.


The Le Moyne College Singers


The Le Moyne College Singers specializes in musical theatre and contemporary repertoire. It is open to singers from the entire Le Moyne community including students, faculty, and staff, and performs multiple concerts throughout the year.


The Le Moyne College Chamber Singers


This group specializes in a mostly classical repertoire, including madrigals, operettas, and works by modern classical composers, and consists of 16 voices or less. The Chamber Singers perform concerts at the end of each semester.  


Le Moyne College A Cappella: Fermata Nowhere


Currently inactive  




The Le Moyne Student Dance Company


Dance is a form of exercise – and self-expression. It has been called “the hidden language of the soul.” The members of Le Moyne Student Dance Company know this, and live by it. The dancers undertake a variety of styles, including jazz, modern and tap; create their own choreography; and hold public performances on campus. Their efforts are buoyed by the regular dance classes that are held at Le Moyne, and their artistry lifts up those around them.


Dolphin Steppers


Step is more than a form of dance. It’s a means of self-expression. The Dolphin Steppers use their entire bodies – from their feet to their hands to their voices – to convey what is on their minds and in their hearts. The Steppers are performers. But more than that, they are a family, part of a proud tradition of stepping that spans the globe.


Le Moyne Dance Team


Who’s got school spirit? The members of the Le Moyne College Dance Team sure do! These talented performers bring energy, spirit and creativity to their performances at men’s and women’s basketball game, firing up the crowd and the student-athletes. In addition to performing regularly at games, the team practices multiple times a week in the dance studio and gym. Come on and join us. Put a little pep in that step and show your love for the Green and Gold!


Visual Art


Art Club


Students with an interest in visual art meet frequently during the semester to further their creative pursuits in various group activities. Participants from all majors are welcome to explore and gain greater understanding of the visual arts.



Literature and Graphic Arts Clubs
The Salamander

Outstanding poetry, gripping fiction, compelling essays and captivating works of visual art, The Salamander has it all. The College’s student-run literary journal is published each spring and will benefit from the distinct voice, eye, and perspective that only you can bring to it. Students of all majors and levels of experience are encouraged to submit their work to The Salamander. Join our staff and contributors in helping others see the world in new and vibrant ways. Read the current issue (and explore past editions)

Our Expresssions

Our Expresssions is a newsletter produced by the multicultural community at Le Moyne. The newsletter enhances all cultures; Latino, African American, Native American, Italian, Irish, Greek, and others. Our Expressions seeks to promote an awareness of different cultures and races on campus through poetry, prose, short stories as well as lectures and a wide spectrum of activities.

Spanish Club

Bienvenidos! Nearly 600 million people around the world speak Spanish, making it one of humanity’s most common languages. Learning Spanish opens the door to new ideas and new relationships. Members of the Spanish Club practice the language, gaining confidence in their ability to communicate effectively, while also learning about Spanish culture through a variety of enriching activities.


Student Media and Publications

Black Robe

The Black Robe, the Le Moyne yearbook, is published by Le Moyne students. All students are eligible to join the staff and may do so by applying to the editor-in-chief. Underclassmen are urged to participate to ensure staff continuity. This publication provides students with experience in areas such as photography, editing, writing and graphic arts.

The Dolphin

The Le Moyne campus is full of great stories, and who better to share them than Le Moyne students themselves? The Dolphin offers the perfect outlet to do just that. This student-run newspaper covers news, features, opinion, arts and leisure and more. Writing, editing or taking photos for The Dolphin is a great way to explore campus, meet fascinating people and share with readers what life is like on the Heights!


Lights! Camera! Action! Le Moyne College Television (LCTV) Productions is a club through the Department of Communications and Film that students of any year, major, or interests may join. LCTV produces a variety of content for other college departments that students lead the way in creating. LCTV does studio broadcast productions, film production, live, on-site productions and more. In addition to on-set experiences, students are part of screenings, pitches and other events.


As the College’s official radio station, WLMU, is the Voice of the Heights! Members have the opportunity to host their own radio shows, live on air, to play music that inspires them, and discuss topics that interest them. Joining WLMU is a great way to have fun and to meet other students. Whether you want to become comfortable behind a microphone, engage with the Le Moyne community, or take part in a cool hobby, WLMU is the ideal place to find your voice.