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We pride ourselves on providing a safe and welcoming environment for our campus community. Get to know our services and how we can support you.

Parking on Campus

There are lots of things to figure out when you’re heading off to college, and one of the first things you want to know is whether you can (or should) bring a car to campus. At Le Moyne, the answer to the first half of that question is yes. You are allowed to bring your vehicles to campus, as long as you’ve properly registered and parked in your assigned lot.

Crime Prevention Programs

We work to prevent crimes from occurring instead of reacting to them after they happen. Our crime prevention programs have been created to remove or minimize criminal opportunities as much as we can. We also encourage our students to be responsible for their safety, plus the safety of our whole community.

Emergency Preparedness

On our campus, Campus Security should be your first point of contact to report crimes, fires, medical emergencies or for a general call for service. Campus Security is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in an effort to make the campus environment a safer place to live, learn and work.

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From any on-campus phone dial: 4444
From your cell phone dial: (315) 445-4444

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