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    March 06, 2020

    My Favorite Places on Campus

    During your first weeks here, you will explore the entire Le Moyne campus to get a sense of what exactly you will be calling home for the next four years. Even though Le Moyne is a smaller campus, there are so many amazing places within its borders that will quickly become your favorite spots. Whether it takes you a day, a month, or longer, you will fall in love with different spots all around campus.


    Science TerraceOne of my favorite spots is the area by the Science Center facing Nelligan Hall. If you are unfamiliar with where I am talking about, let me explain. This area has an opening at the top of the hill that has tables and chairs overlooking our baseball field, the Heights, the turf field, and the Athletic Center. When it gets warm out, you can sit there and do some homework or even just binge watch a few shows on Netflix or Hulu, all while taking in our beautiful campus. This can also be a place to hang out with your friends, sitting around talking and laughing together. During the winter, this is a place where you can take your sled and sled down the hill for some winter fun. Regardless of where your interests lie, this spot can be used for so many different things, making it one of my favorite places on campus.

    ChairsThe Adirondack chairs placed outside the back of Reilly Hall (right as you come out of the Den) are another place that I have come to love here on the Heights. While it may seem odd since they are just chairs, it's one of the spots that overlooks part of the campus. You can do homework out there, have a picnic with your friends, play some games, or even watch our teams play on the turf or baseball fields. This spot is always a calm and relaxing place on campus. Simply just sit down and take a break from whatever may be stressing you while watching the sunset on the Heights. 

    PubThe Pub is also one of the gems here on campus. Events happen all the time there like Open Mic Night or Karaoke, but it's also a space to relax. If you are 21 or older, you can enjoy a beverage from the bar but for those under 21, you can have some fun hanging out playing pool or air hockey. You can go and play with your friends for fun or make it a little friendly competition. Whether you are the competitive type or not, the Pub can be a place for you to unwind and have fun with your friends without having to leave campus.

    DenMy last and maybe most special place on campus is the Den. The Den is a place for you to eat with some friends, connecting on a closer level without the loud noise from the Cafe, or simply enjoy a fresh hot meal while studying for a test or finishing up some last minute homework. The workers at the Den make your experience better because they don’t take things too seriously and will joke with you while creating a good meal for you. You will hang out with your friends at the Den and take a break with a milkshake, smoothie or even some wings. No matter what you enjoy eating, the Den has something for everyone. Plus it will be good. 

    Whether you are in your first year, fourth year or a graduate student, the amazing places on campus are endless and you will fall in love with each of them. Exploring the campus will help you to find some of these staples plus some hidden gems that may not be as popular. You will find your place and it will become where you look forward to going to. You just need to go out and find it! 

    Paige Martin, ‘21
    B.S. Marketing



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