From liberal arts teaching innovation to reflective leadership to risk management and insurance, Le Moyne is home to six Centers of Excellence that provide expert focus and research support for some of the College’s most sought-after undergraduate and graduate academic programs.  

Thanks to committed faculty and generous alumni, these Centers allow Le Moyne to fund unique student and professor projects, experiences and innovation.

Thrive on the Heights at Our Unique Centers

Le Moyne’s Centers of Excellence provide the community with unique learning opportunities.

Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Creativity

The Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity has students’ hopes and dreams front and center. As a student, you can enjoy its facilities, including 3D printers, a digital media/recording studio and a virtual/augmented reality station. Mentors will help you develop a new business or grow your current business. You even get to participate in Dolphin Tank and many travel opportunities.

The McNeil Academy for Risk Management & Insurance

The McNeil Academy for Risk Management and Insurance works closely with faculty, alumni and business partners to gain knowledge and experience in managing risks in today’s increasingly complex world. Students benefit from research and experiential learning opportunities through internships and opportunities to assist organizations with risk management-related services.

Poland Jesuit Center for Research & Teaching Innovation

The Poland Jesuit Center for Research and Teaching Innovation focuses on innovation and thought leadership to deepen global engagement and societal impact. It honors the College's Ignatian roots as it builds the intellectual infrastructure and faculty capacity, skills and knowledge necessary to strengthen the culture of research within Madden.

Center for the Study of Environmental Change

The Center for the Study of Environmental Change fosters educational, research and outreach activities related to the environmental effects of Earth's changing climate. By supporting the study and understanding of these effects in the local and global environment, the Center promotes a more just and sustainable society in keeping with the Jesuit mission of Le Moyne College.

Center for Urban & Regional Studies

The Center for Urban and Regional Studies at Le Moyne supports collaborative research that serves the needs of the Central New York Community. The Center promotes an interdisciplinary and active approach to citizenship that includes a diverse mix of community members and faculty.

Savage-McGill Center for Reflective Leadership

The Savage-McGill Center for Reflective Leadership cultivates a dynamic array of programs, initiatives and educational opportunities designed to nurture a generation of leaders – you – who are as committed to people and planet as they are to profits. Through programs like the Madden Lecture Series and IgnitEd – a values-based, nonprofit hub for scholars, journals and mission-aligned organizations – the Center is on the cutting edge of leadership development.

The Hetterich Center for Global Engagement and Impact

The Hetterich Center creates awareness of and ongoing connectedness to global developments, issues, and insights. A key component of its mission is to promote global citizenship and inspire the search for common ground while respecting diverse societies. In doing so, it embodies the spirit of the Society of Jesus, whose international outreach has historically emphasized adaptable knowledge-gathering and deep understanding of a rapidly changing world. The core value the center embraces is respectful mutuality.

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