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Why an Actuarial Science Degree From Le Moyne?

The world is full of risk. Studying actuarial science at Le Moyne, you’ll learn to mitigate that risk. You’ll use data to help people alleviate potential dangers. You’ll build your analytical and business skills – and your understanding of human behavior – to navigate an ever-changing world. You’ll learn about statistical methods, financial impact and modeling outcomes. 

When you graduate, your degree will prepare you to put those talents to work in a variety of settings – in business, government or the nonprofit sector. As an actuary, you’ll provide safeguards that reassure business leaders around the world.

Mitigating Risk Through Actuarial Science 

On the Heights, you’ll study financial risk, including insurance and pensions. Completion of this focus of study will prepare you to pass the first actuarial exam.

The Actuarial Science Degree

Actuarial science can be added as a concentration to the following programs of study:

Finance or Business Administration Minors

Many of our actuarial science students also choose to get a minor in finance or business administration to expand their knowledge of the business world.

The Actuary Exams

Like many professions, becoming an actuary requires a series of professional exams. These exams take many years, and companies provide study material and time, as well as bonuses, to help with the exam process. The first exam, exam P, is a computer-based exam that covers probability. MTH 311 covers the material on exam P. MTH 314, a comprehensive overview of Exam P material, is specifically for our actuary concentration students. The finance courses actuarial science students are required to take include material on the second exam, Exam FM. Some students choose to take that exam while at Le Moyne.

Actuarial Science Courses

Your courses will blend theory and methods, exploring calculus, probability, statistics, numerical methods, differential equations and modeling. You will also take classes in economics, business and finance.

Our mathematics faculty brings decades of experience in industry and education to your classrooms.

Recent actuarial science graduates work for a number of highly respected firms including

BPAS, AXA Equitable, Harbridge Consulting and Blue Cross Blue Shield. We routinely host recruiters on campus to meet with our students.

Actuarial Science Careers & Median Salaries

$85,651 Actuarial Consultant

$75,894 Business Analyst

$75,894 Insurance Actuarial Analyst

$86,253 Investment Analyst

$62,545 Risk Analyst

With a degree in actuarial science, you might work in business, government or the nonprofit sector.

I analyzed the cost of Excellus members starting to take medication for migraines versus members taking the medication for a while to see how the cost of other migraine drugs was impacted. I thought this internship was a great way to really test what I’ve been learning and to apply it to real-life situations.”

Bailey Wolanski ’24
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