Undergraduate Programs at Le Moyne College will help you discover an education in which you will explore, encounter and question the world you know and the world in which you’ll make your mark.

  • Accounting

    Pursuing an accounting degree through Le Moyne’s nationally ranked program, you’ll see that accounting involves more than analyzing data and crunching numbers – it’s about communication, too.
    Degree Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Minor
  • Actuarial Science

    Studying actuarial science at Le Moyne, you’ll learn to mitigate risk. You’ll use data to help people alleviate potential dangers. You’ll build your analytical and business skills to navigate an ever-changing world.
    Degree Concentration
  • Advanced Writing

    The advanced writing minor concentrates on developing skills that are necessary to producing elegant, persuasive, critical and expository writing.
  • Anthropology

    An anthropology major will help you develop a multicultural mindset and a deep understanding of human behavior. These skills are assets in every field, including marketing and consumer behavior, education, health and social services and international relations.
  • Applied Statistics

    Applied statistics let you develop the skills you need to collect, sort and interpret complex data – capabilities that are essential in today’s data-driven world.
  • Arts Administration (Undergrad)

    Le Moyne’s interdisciplinary arts administration minor prepares students to make a difference in the many art worlds – including in the performance arts and management.
  • Biochemistry

    You’ll see biology and chemistry come together in an interdisciplinary program that will allow you to explore careers in medicine, research, food and nutrition, veterinary science, education, product development and many more.
    Degree Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
  • Biology

    Pursuing a biology degree at Le Moyne, you’ll investigate living beings and ecosystems large and small, conduct scientific research and find solutions for challenges that threaten our well-being and the future of all species.
    Degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Minor
  • Biology & Computer Science

    Whether you’re considering working in a lab or a career in medicine, analytics or education, you’ll broaden your knowledge and skills and gain a competitive edge with an interdisciplinary minor in biology and computer science.
  • Business Analytics

    Studying business analytics at Le Moyne will challenge you intellectually and build highly marketable skills you can apply in any industry. You’ll gain a deep understanding of business operations and learn to analyze big data and solve problems.
    Degree Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Minor