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Why an Advanced Writing Degree From Le Moyne?

No matter what your career is, you’ll need to be able to write and communicate effectively – with your coworkers, your friends and even with your mom.

The advanced writing minor concentrates on developing skills that are necessary to producing elegant, persuasive, critical and expository writing. It will do so by:

  • Improving your critical writing skills
  • Expanding your appreciation of the history, grammar and rhetorical applications of the English language
  • And helping you communicate clearly and effectively

All Majors Can Write on the Heights

You can study critical reading and writing in poetry, fiction, non-fiction, drama and film, plus have the chance to try writing workshops covering journalism, playwriting and fiction.

The Advanced Writing Minor

A 15-credit program, the advanced writing minor is open to both English and non-English majors. The minor requires you to take two preselected courses, but you can choose the other three from an approved list, including creative writing and journalism electives.

Advanced Writing Courses

No matter what career you land in, your advanced writing minor will show you can produce clear, persuasive, critical and descriptive writing.

Additional English & Communication Minors

From literature to film to medieval studies, the English and communication departments offer additional minors to diversify your studies based on your interests.

Writing Careers & Median Salaries

$62,800 Public Relations Specialist

$51,922 Content Researcher and Writer  

$58,171 Content Marketing Specialist

$60,985 Freelance Writer

$48,955 Journalist

Ann Ryan with Student

The advanced writing minor prepares you for a career in business, communications, education and many other fields.

Writing is integral to what I do every day. My writing reaches various athletic administrators across the country, and I’ve adapted quite seamlessly to the NCAA’s style of writing. I am more than proud to tell anyone who will listen that I earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature with a minor in advanced writing from Le Moyne College.”

Madison Hahesy ’15, MBA ’17
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From longtime award-winning journalists to acclaimed poets, the advanced writing faculty brings extensive real-world experience to the classroom.

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