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Why an Applied Statistics Degree From Le Moyne?

Data drives business, informs our decisions and protects public health and the world we live in. It makes it possible to analyze clinical trials and forecast the risk of investment portfolios. With the right intelligence at our fingertips, we have the power to do everything from measuring consumer behavior to predicting tomorrow’s weather.

In the applied statistics program at Le Moyne, you’ll develop the skills you need to collect, sort and interpret complex data – capabilities that are essential in today’s data-driven world. Using pure mathematics, you’ll learn the latest tools and advanced statistical methods to analyze real-world data sets in your major field of study. 

A deeper understanding of statistics in any field – from biology and nursing to economics, education and more – will give you a competitive advantage in your job search and set you up for success in any career you choose.

Analyzing Data Sets in Your Field of Study

An applied statistics minor sets you up to have an advantage over other applicants when applying to graduate programs or industry jobs.

The Applied Statistics Minor

A 15-credit program, you’ll learn modern statistical methods beyond those covered in your major in the applied statistics minor.

Mathematics Undergraduate Programs

If you are interested in mathematics, consider the undergraduate programs offered at Le Moyne.

Applied Statistics Courses

In addition to statistics, courses include econometrics, research methods, business analytics, bioinformatics and data science.

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The QRC provides students with resources, support and tutoring in math. Visit the innovative center on the first floor of the library.


Our mathematics faculty are applied statisticians, long-time educators and active researchers whose work includes a wide variety of topics including measurement error models, missing data, small area estimation, uniform central graphs, problems in fluid dynamics and geometry.

Applied Statistics Careers & Median Salaries

$68,989 Actuary

$141,500 Data Engineer

$96,220 Financial Analyst

$65,810 Marketing Research Analyst

$112,110 Mathematician

Collecting, sorting and interpreting complex data – skills that are essential in today’s data-driven world.

The applied statistics minor helped me in applying for graduate school, as many schools require an Intro to Statistics. Now, I don’t have to take it in graduate school. I also believe the minor aided in my acceptance into graduate school, as it made my application stand out against other undergraduate psychology majors.

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