Anthropology, Criminology, & Sociology

Why an Anthropology Degree From Le Moyne?

Did you know that thousands of people gather in Buñol, Spain, every year for the world’s biggest tomato fight? Or that millions of people in India welcome spring by wearing white and tossing colorful powders in the air at a festival that dates back centuries?

Around the world, traditions like these tell the story of what it means to be human. When you study anthropology, you will learn about different cultures and what makes them unique, from languages and customs to music, art and food. You will also explore the evolution of humanity over time.

Anthropology is an interdisciplinary field that spans the humanities, arts and sciences. At Le Moyne, an anthropology major will help you develop a multicultural mindset and a deep understanding of human behavior. These skills are assets in every field, including marketing and consumer behavior, education, health and social services and international relations.

A Holistic Approach to Humankind 

Studying anthropology means studying world cultures, linguistics and social theories.

The Anthropology Minor

An anthropology minor complements many majors, including sociology, biology, business, journalism, history and global affairs. As a 15-credit program, you’re required to take three predetermined classes in the minor: Intro to Anthropology, Anthropological Linguistics and People & Cultures South East Asia. You're then able to choose the final two courses, though Social Theory is highly recommended.

Criminology & Sociology Undergraduate Degrees

If you’re interested in an anthropology minor, you might also consider a major in criminology or sociology. Sociology also offers a direct-entry path to the OT program for those interested in occupational therapy.

Department of Anthropology, Criminology & Sociology Minors

In addition to race in anthropology, the Department of Anthropology, Criminology and Sociology offers additional minors.

The Le Moyne anthropology, criminology and sociology faculty bring you experiences from all walks of life – from working abroad to studying feminist theory to teaching students for decades. They’re scholars, sociologists, editors, anthropologists, researchers, activists and, above all, educators.

Anthropology Careers & Median Salaries

$80,910 Forensic Anthropologist

$135,740 Human Rights Attorney

$68,230 Market Research Analyst

$75,045 Museum Curator

$86,110 Sociologist

From marketing and consumer behavior to education to social services, anthropology can take you in many directions.

Apart from being a teacher, I believe my role as a volunteer is also to be a part of my community. I’ve created lifelong, lasting relationships with my counterpart, my colleagues, students and my host family.”

Noa Watkins ‘18, Peace & Global Studies and Anthropology Major, on her experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in South Africa
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