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Why a Biochemistry Degree From Le Moyne?

Discovering new drugs to treat disease. Extending the shelf life of food. Improving the quality and quantity of crops. Developing planet-friendly cleaning products. Reducing waste and pollution in the fashion industry. Scientific advancements like these are possible because of biochemistry, a fascinating interdisciplinary field that explores the chemicals and processes of living organisms.

As a biochemistry major at Le Moyne, you see biology and chemistry come together in an interdisciplinary program that will allow you to explore careers in medicine, research, food and nutrition, veterinary science, education, product development and many more. You’ll graduate with the intelligence and skill set you need to pursue an advanced degree and make important scientific discoveries that improve our health and the world we live in.

Bio & Chem Together on the Heights

In biochemistry, you’ll analyze data, design experiments in biochemistry or molecular biology and develop quantitative reasoning skills. There are also additional bio and chem programs to explore as well, if you’re not quite sure what you want yet.

Biochemistry Major

As a biochemistry major, you can focus on either the biological or the chemical aspects of the boundary between these two disciplines. You’ll also have opportunities to conduct research with faculty mentors.

Environmental Science Systems Undergraduate Degrees

The B.S. degree in environmental science systems provides the foundations for professional careers and graduate study. The B.A. is ideal if you plan to pair your major with another major or minor.

Biochemistry Courses

In addition to the liberal arts core, you’ll study cell and molecular biology, organic chemistry, biochemistry and electives such as genetics, bioinformatics and the biology of cancer. You’ll also gain hands-on experience in the lab using research-grade tools.

Research & Scholarship Opportunity

The National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship provides scholarships for talented juniors and seniors majoring in STEM fields to become secondary school teachers. Each scholar will receive up to full tuition for the fall and spring semesters.

The research interests of the Le Moyne biology faculty range from the genetic structure of animal populations to the molecular underpinnings of the aging process to the effects of anthropogenic factors.

Biochemistry Careers & Median Salaries

$103,810 Biochemist

$99,550 Bioengineer

$127,809 Cosmetics Developer

$104,380 Materials Scientist

$132,750 Pharmacist

Biochem could lead to a career in medicine, research, food and nutrition, product development and more.

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