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Why a Degree in Biology & Computer Science From Le Moyne?

Technology drives research and scientific discoveries. It makes it possible to understand living organisms better and informs solutions to treat illnesses and fight disease. From datasets and machine learning to artificial intelligence, degrees in science and technology promise future breakthroughs we can only begin to imagine.

The ability to collect, analyze and process data is an essential skill in any scientific pursuit. Whether you’re considering working in a lab or a career in medicine, analytics or education, you’ll broaden your knowledge and skills and gain a competitive edge with an interdisciplinary minor in biology and computer science.

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Expanding Tech Capabilities

A relatively new minor program, the biology and computer science minor is open to students in all majors. This program is part of the ERIE21 initiative.

The Biology & Computer Science Minor

To complete the minor, you must take the following five courses: CSC 101: Introduction to Digital Technologies, CSC 175: Introduction to Algorithms and Program Design, CSC 185: Data Structures & Algorithms, BIO 192: General Biology II and CTS 409: Capstone Project in Biology and Computer Science.

Biology, Environmental Sciences & Computer Science Degrees

Le Moyne offers a wide range of degrees in the sciences. Check out the majors, minors and dual-major programs:

Biology, Environmental Sciences & Computer Science Courses

You can browse the required five minor courses as well as the diverse biology and computer science courses in the course catalog.

The biology and computer science faculty bring decades of experience working for corporations, in labs and in education alike.

Biology & Computer Science Careers & Median Salaries

$153,301 Bioinformatics Scientist

$92,861 Clinical Researcher

$110,823 Computational Biologist

$103,310 Genetic Engineer

$81,990 Microbiologist

A degree in Biology/Computer Science may take you to a lab or a career in medicine, analytics or education.

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