Aaron Perry, M.S., takes cues from Pope Francis’ Laudato Si', integral ecology, eco-psychology and holistic practices of well-being to dive deeply into the urgent and timeless discipline of cultivating the joy of celebrating sacred sustainability neighborhoods. Equal parts information and inspiration, this comprehensive presentation of the Y on Earth Thriving & Sustainability experience will implore and empower the audience with potent, practical life-hack techniques and strategies for rapidly creating the future and culture we all really want. Mr. Perry is an author, social entrepreneur and father. He provides consulting services to social and environmental impact businesses and organizations, with expertise in agriculture, energy, supply chain transparency, management, financial modeling, capital raising and leadership. He is the author of the book Y on Earth.

About the Initiative

The McDevitt Center’s initiative devoted to Sustaining Earth is motivated by our sense of the urgency of the growing threats to our environment and by our conviction that a full understanding of these threats and effective responses to them must draw upon both scientific and broadly religious insights and perspectives. Through the public events in this initiative, we aim to provide a wide audience of students, faculty and members of the regional community with accurate and up-to-date information about the threats, their causes and measures to meet these threats. We also seek to ground and frame these issues within the context of broadly religious perspectives on our human relation to the environment and our ethical obligations to care for it – all with the intention of helping to foster informed and concerted action to sustain the earth.

This event is free and open to the public. It is sponsored by the McDevitt Center. For more information, contact the McDevitt Cetner at mcdevittcenter@lemoyne.edu or (315) 445-6200.