Values and Mission

St. Ignatius

In line with Catholic Social Teaching, we are committed to the dignity of all persons and strive to see God in all.  At the same time, we are called to give preference to those most in need, and thus our focus and our solidarity is with those who have, for centuries, suffered from the evils of racism.  Black Lives Matter in the eyes of the Almighty and we will strive to institutionalize that value at Le Moyne.

The Racial Justice Committee of Le Moyne College serves as a think-tank, consisting of six subcommittees, to develop anti-racist policies and initiatives in order to better fulfill the College’s mission as a “diverse learning community” committed to social justice.  In consultation with those affected by proposed policies and initiatives and those who will administer them, the RJC is charged to develop concrete and measurable actions to address issues of racial injustice within the Le Moyne community.