Updates and Progress

The RJC is committed to regularly sharing the committee’s progress with the entire community.  This website serves as one of the ways that the RJC will keep that commitment.  We hope that you will interact, engage, and keep us accountable to the work we are striving to do. 

Le Moyne’s Work on Anti-Racism

For the past ten months, Le Moyne has been working on creating lasting, institutional change.  In order to be successful, more is needed than carefully worded statements or well planned events (although we have done those as well).  Deep, sustainable, structural change takes time.  Together we are planting seeds for sustainable change and doing the work to cultivate them, nurturing the fruit of anti-racism which will emerge.  Here is what has been done:

  • Senior leadership will undergo extensive training in anti-racism, after which they will develop a strategic plan for diversity initiatives at Le Moyne.  
  • New hiring protocols to increase the diversity of Le Moyne faculty, staff, and administrative hires have been approved by senior leadership.
  • A new position, Vice President for Mission Integration and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion has been created.  
  • A Racial Justice Module has been added to Core 100, which is required of all incoming first-year students.   
  • Funding has been provided to nine faculty members to support the development of new courses or revision of existing ones with a focus on racial justice.  
  • Faculty have been surveyed about existing efforts to address social inequities in coursework.  Proposals to better support that work will be developed in response to survey results.
  • A series of faculty development seminars, addressing topics from syllabus construction to anti-racist assessment, have been presented.  In January, sixty-five faculty members participated in a day-long Master Teacher Summit.
  • The annual Professional Activities Report for faculty has been revised, with questions about activities to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion added.  
  • The Bias Response Team procedures have been reviewed by the Racial Justice Committee and improved.  BRT members are being better trained to respond to incidents of bias. The bias reporting process has been better advertised and is being utilized more often.
  • Over the past few years, our governing boards have increased their diversity.  The Board of Trustees has gone from one BIPOC member to five; the Board of Regents has moved from one BIPOC to seven; and the Alumni Association Board has increased from one to eight BIPOC members.
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