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    April 13, 2020

    Three Things I’ve Learned in My First Year in Madden

    The Madden School of Business at Le Moyne College has become for me a place filled with innumerable opportunities. Here are three things I’ve learned so far in my first year:

    1. Nothing is impossible. Madden staff and faculty make certain that nothing is impossible for its students. They encourage big dreams and students reaching their full potential, and what I love most is how everyone at Madden is rooting for you, on your good and bad days. In my first semester, I had trouble choosing a second major. I was stressed, and I didn’t know what to do. And then I met with Dean Joseph. Without hesitation, and in the blink of the eye, he helped me discover what I was passionate about. I was so amazed that he took the time to help a freshman student in this way.
    2. Every step of the way, Madden provides only the best of resources and classes for each student’s success. One of the resources that has helped me tremendously is one-on-one advising. Advisors are the faculty and staff who serve as the heads of your major department. They work with you even beyond school hours to make sure that you’re successful during your time at Madden. In particular, they are there to help guide you in choosing the right classes that will prepare you best for your dream job when you graduate.
    3. The faculty and staff continuously help me plant the seeds needed to achieve my goals. When you become a student here at the Madden School of Business, networking will become your best friend. There are an enormous number of clubs related to the things students are passionate about, and annual career fairs with many high-profile businesses seeking Le Moyne’s best students. By far, my favorite networking opportunity is the Madden Lecture Series, which brings alumni back to campus to talk about their personal and work experiences. No matter their year, each student takes away an inspiring message. Networking has helped me form amazing relationships, meet alumni, and obtain an amazing internship on campus relating to my major. You’ll be surprised how far it’ll take you in life.

    The Madden School of Business is not only a school, but a family that continuously supports you to today and years into the future!

    Janiah Cavil, ’23
    Dual Major: Management Leadership & Marketing

    Category: Student Voices