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    Photo Jingshu Luo

    August 16, 2021

    Faculty Research Spotlight: Dr. Jingshu Luo

    In the United States, insurance companies are regulated by states. To achieve uniformity of insurance laws across states, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners developed 215 NAIC model laws. Among these model laws, some are widely adopted while some are barely adopted by any state.  Dr. Jingshu Luo's current research focuses on how the NAIC model laws spread from the NAIC to states and what impacts states’ decisions to adopt these model laws. She has found that states are connected in a diffusion network and the NAIC plays an increasingly central role in the network. She has further determined that model laws that are widely adopted tend to be relatively easy to interpret, different from existing laws in the state, and recently amended. Perhaps her more interesting finding is a strong peer effect. That is, a state is more willing to adopt an NAIC model law if its geographic neighbor or ideological neighbors have done so.


    About Dr. Jingshu Luo:
    Dr. Jingshu Luo is the McNeil Assistant Professor of Risk Management and Insurance. She is also the 2021 National Association of Insurance Commissioners Research Fellow.  Her research interests include corporate risk management,  insurance economics, and public policy while her teaching interests include risk management, insurance, and corporate finance. She earned a Ph.D. degree in Risk Management and Insurance from Temple University, a Master’s degree in Economics from Rutgers University-Newark, and a Bachelor’s degree in Insurance and Accounting from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (China).


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