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At Le Moyne, we understand that managing, storing and distributing your letters of recommendation and other credentials for postgraduate study or teaching positions can seem like a daunting task.  That’s why we are pleased to partner with Interfolio, the premier online credential file management service for colleges and universities. 

We think you will find Interfolio to be an extremely convenient and efficient resource to manage your credentials online.  Here are some of the benefits of this service:

           ·          Easy applications – Once you create an Interfolio account, you are in complete control of your credentials file.  With access to Interfolio’s secure site, the process of storing documents and completing applications will be quicker and easier.

           ·          Flexibility – As an Interfolio credential file holder, you may store and manage both confidential and non-confidential letters.  You can also store nearly any type of document with Interfolio:  writing samples, articles, test scores, unofficial transcripts and whatever you need to have a complete application package.  You can upload documents directly into your account or mail them to Interfolio and they will upload them for you.

           ·          Quick turnaround – Interfolio processes all delivery requests in one business day.  It offers multiple mailing options, including FedEx, and electronic delivery (where available).  Additionally, they offer full phone support five days a week (202.223.3358) and help requests received via email (help@interfolio.com) will be answered within one business day.

           ·          Safe, secure, and reliable – The privacy and security of your information is Interfolio’s highest priority.  Robust technological safeguards, including multiple levels of encryption, keep your stored documents protected, secure, and private.  A rigorous quality control process ensures the accuracy of all documents and mailings, and digital backups are stored at a secure, off-site location to further protect your important documents.

           ·          Affordability – Interfolio charges only $19 to set up a 1-year account, and $6 to send out the typical application.  You can pay online, using a credit card, or by check or money order.


If you have any questions about this credential file service, please feel free to contact a member of our staff, careers@lemoyne.edu or 315.445.4185.

To get started and establish your credentials file, or if you would like to learn more about Interfolio, please go to http://www.interfolio.com.

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