With assistance from various offices around campus, our Advising team coordinates retention programs and resources at Le Moyne College. In addition to many enhancements to existing programs, such as re-envisioning of the Heading to the Heights orientation program and the expansion of learning communities, the programs identified below are new to our institution.


Dolphins Care: In November 2011, more than two dozen faculty, administrators, and staff "met the students where they are" and walked through the first-year residence halls to engage first-years students in conversation about their transition to College ad available resources. Students enjoyed this opportunity to see others in "their space" and were delighted by the small gifts they received. While a second round of Dolphins Care was planned for April 1, the event was unfortunately cancelled.


Dolphins Discover: We offered a new two-day program for first-year students in January 2012 as a way to bring some first-year students back to campus early. This program, aimed at answering "If I knew then what I know now", gathered students for small group conversations, a workshop series with topics such as What do faculty expect from me, the Big Juggling Act: How can I do it all, Is my major the right fit, and What's beyond the classroom walls for me? (getting involved, working on campus, study abroad, internships, service). In addition, students also participated in directed conversation with a faculty, administrators, and upper-division students and in intentional reflection and visioning exercises by crafting their personal "My College Plan" drafts.


Early Alert Sytem Exchange (EASE): Now in its 4th year, Le Moyne's Early Alert program provides the Le Moyne community with a confidential and easy way to identify students in need of additional support. The Acdemic Alert tool allows faculty and academic advisors to submit online referrals for student who may exhibit risk facotrs that may limit their ability to be successful at Le Moyne. Such factors may include academic challenges, excessive absences, major life events causing overwhelming stress, unmet emotional or medical needs, or lack of a support structure. New in Fall 2011, Le Moyne administrators and staff are also able to use the online referral system to identify students of concern for reasons such as overwhelming stress, unmet emotional or medical needs, lack of a support structure, or academic challenges. In addition, the system also captures students with multiple deficiencies or those who are not following academic probation guidelines. For more information click on this link.


Summer Opportunity for Academic Recovery (SOAR): During Summer 2012, almost two dozen students who had completed fewer credits than they attempted during their first-year or were not on track for graduation due to major change had the opportunity to apply for our inaugural SOAR program. Participates of the program were given a grant to reduce the cost of a three credit summer class, received free housing during their SOAR session if needed, participated in weekly luncheon programs on a variety of topics, such as The Importance of Getting Involved, Faculty Expectations and Strategies for Success, Is my major the right fit for me, and What to do when difficulties arise. In addition, students met regularly with a Summer Mentor who helped them reflect on their first year at Le Moyne and began planning their collegiate future through use of "My College Plan".