Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP)

 Welcome to Le Moyne STEP's Web site. The Le Moyne College Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) is one of 51 STEP programs in New York State. Serving 80 students in Nottingham High School, Henninger High School and all of Onondaga County, the program is a collaboration of the New York State Department of Education, Le Moyne College, and the Syracuse City School District. Since 1987, STEP has prepared historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged students for college, and their pursuit of careers in math, science, technology, and the health-related or licensed professions.


Martha D. Ramsey, Director
Seton Hall
(315) 445-4654

Beth Marie Richards, Assistant Director
Seton Hall
(315) 445-4655



National Science Foundation Award received by all New York State STEP programs!

STEP Services

  • On site tutoring and instruction in all academic subjects during the school day throughout the academic year.
  • SAT, ACT, and Regents examination preparation
  • College, career, and personal counseling
  • Extensive workforce preparation activities including career-related speakers, workshops and career days, trips to local companies/organizations, job shadows, and internships
  • Science, math, and technology-related enrichment courses, activities, and field trips
  • College visits
  • Assistance with college and financial aid application
  • Opportunities for hands-on research assistantships with college faculty
  • Supervised individual research project preparation and presentation
  • Mentoring
  • Summer programs and activities
  • Conferences, seminars, and workshops