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Le Moyne College Awarded Equipment Grant for DNA Analyzer

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (For Immediate Release) … LI-COR Biosciences has awarded Le Moyne College a grant of $60,500 through its Genomics Education Matching Funds (GEMF) program. According to LI-COR’s Web site, the GEMF program is designed for faculty researchers and their students to gain access to cutting edge technology and incorporate it into the classroom. The program’s goal is to increase inquiry-based learning by providing the tools necessary to accelerate both students’ and instructors’ research and improve the quality of their science curriculum.

The grant, applied for by the biology and chemistry departments at Le Moyne, will go toward the purchase of a DNA Analyzer. The instrument and its accessories, which cost over $100,000, will allow faculty and students to do a variety of experiments involving DNA sequencing. The remaining 40% of the cost of the equipment will be covered by the College from a U.S. Department of Education equipment grant it received last spring.

The machine will be used both for instructional purposes and for student and faculty research in areas including molecular ecology, evolutionary genetics, and characterization of mutated genes in various organisms used as model systems for biological research.

According to Devon Keeney, assistant professor of biology, who co-authored the grant, “The addition of a DNA Analyzer will allow the department to incorporate modern molecular techniques into its curriculum by providing students with the means to sequence DNA and analyze microsatellites.  Our institution currently offers several courses dealing with aspects of molecular biology and has a strong faculty background in this area. However, our current equipment limits the techniques our students can experience firsthand.  In addition, future courses could be designed that utilize diverse molecular techniques, such as an interdisciplinary course in molecular ecology.”

For more information on the GEMF program, visit http://www.licor.com/bio/educational_resources/gemf/gemf.jsp




posted on: 10/13/2009