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Le Moyne College and Loretto Team Up to Offer Eldercare Certificate

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (For Immediate Release) … It is well known that the baby boomers in the United States are moving toward retirement in dramatic numbers, with people over the age of 65 now representing the country's fastest growing population group. This fact, along with advances in medical science that are enabling people to live healthier and longer lives, is revolutionizing thinking about the process of aging, and people with the vision to transform 'old age' into 'long life' are greatly needed to support the aging population in the years and decades to come.

With this in mind, Le Moyne College, in partnership with Loretto, has developed a new Certificate in Holistic Aging that will debut this fall through the College's Center for Continuing Education. The program will examine historical perspectives and assumptions on the subject, and begin to critically rethink creative alternatives for clients, patients, loved ones and caregivers. The first course in this four-course certificate, “Aging and Society,” will be offered in a 10-week format on Tuesday evenings from 4 until 8 p.m. beginning Sept. 21.

The goal of the program is to send participants out into the community with a certificate that encourages them to give elders person-centered care. “We’re really trying to reframe aging as an opportunity and our aging population as a force that can contribute to society and be productive,” said Patricia Bliss, director of Le Moyne's Center for Continuing Education. “So we’re looking at physiology and care-giving, at how to maintain independence, how to maintain functioning, and how to provide care in positive and constructive ways that will maximize people’s performance and their sense of wellness.”

The four-course curriculum is designed to allow participants to explore the rich dimensions of aging in our contemporary society through cross-disciplinary study – from biology and ethics to politics and spirituality. The courses explore questions, such as how the meaning of life evolves and in what ways the wisdom that comes with age can be transmitted, as well as exploring the physical changes that come with aging and alternative models of aging that recognize and affirm interdependence and community. For more information on the program or to apply, visit the Le Moyne Web site or contact the Center for Continuing Education at Le Moyne at ceinfo@lemoyne.edu or by phone (315) 445-4141.


posted on: 8/10/2010