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Le Moyne has a chemistry club open to students of any major interested in chemistry.

Selected chemistry information resources on the internet

Undergraduate Research Opportunities at Le Moyne

Summer Research Opportunities


Internship is the word we use to describe work in a chemistry-related business other than in a research role. For example, running an analytical chemistry instrument for quality control or routine environmental monitoring would be one example; preparing paperwork (documentation) for compliance with state or federal regulations in waste disposal might be another. Internships can be paid or unpaid, for academic credit or simply for experience in your field. Either way, they can provide experience for your resume and an opportunity to "try on" a job or an industry.

For academic credit, internship in chemistry (CHM 490) requires junior or senior status and prior approval by the department chair. That is, it requires some academic component as well as a means of the work supervisor reporting to the Le Moyne chemistry internship coordinator on the student's performance. Chemistry internship for credit does not count for major or minor credit in chemistry, biology, or biochemistry; it counts as college free elective.

Inroads is the nation's largest non-profit source of salaried corporate internships. It has opportunities in science and engineering as well as other areas, and Le Moyne's career services office works with them.

Le Moyne Scholarships for Chemistry Students

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  • Walter R. G. Baker Scholarship Fund: Endowed through gifts from the Walter R. G. Baker Foundation administered by Chase Manhattan Bank and awarded to students in science, mathematics or computer science programs.
  • Carroll A. Hennessey Scholarship: Endowed by a gift from Mr. Hennessey's estate and awarded to students pursuing study in mathematics or science programs.
  • James P. and Helen E. Murray Scholarship: Endowed by Ms. Suzanne H. Murray '54 and awarded to students in biology, chemistry, mathematics or physics programs.
  • McDevitt Undergraduate Fellowships in Natural Science. Each McDevitt Fellow works closely with a Le Moyne faculty mentor while conducting hands-on research in one of Le Moyne's labs or in the field. In addition, the fellows and their mentors participate in a monthly research seminar led by George Coyne S.J., McDevitt Chair in physics, at which they will present their research and discuss its progress. This prestigious fellowship includes a $4,000 stipend.

External Scholarships

Graduate School Resources

The American Chemical Society publishes a directory of graduate research (DGR) in chemistry. Le Moyne's office of career services has graduate school resources. Graduate programs typically have relevant information about research, faculty, and application processes on line. For information on a given institution, google the institution and "chemistry" or follow links from the institution's front page.