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At Le Moyne College we have seen firsthand the impact research, scholarship and creative pursuits have had on faculty, staff, students, and the college. They enhance the educational experience of all, provide an important stimulus to the economy, and teach students to become engaged and thoughtful citizens of the global community. It is clear that these must be among the foremost concerns of any educational institution.

Le Moyne College’s mission – to strive for academic excellence – is manifest in research, scholarly activity and creativity that activity involves our faculty and staff. At Le Moyne, we select and design programs that ensure that the College is meeting its mission to provide students with an education in the Jesuit tradition that will prepare them for lives of leadership and service.

The Department of Government and Foundation Relations provides opportunities for the College to build and enhance its intellectual capital and further innovation by increasing the scope and quality of sponsored activity. This department assists faculty and staff by identifying potential sponsors and assisting with the development, submission and management of grant proposals. 

I encourage you to explore this website and contact the Department of Government and Foundation Relations to see how they can assist you with the proposal process.


Joe Marina, S.J.
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Government & Foundation Relations

The Department of Government and Foundation Relations serves as the coordination point for all sponsored activity. It is charged with the responsibility of working with faculty and staff to procure external funds that support scholarship, research, education and training, and service/outreach activities. 

We strive to create and maintain an environment for the campus community that achieves excellence by supporting projects currently underway as well as fostering new initiatives.  We work to stay abreast of local, state and national trends and issues that support Le Moyne College.


Le Moyne College will review and approve all requests for funds from external sponsors (corporate, foundation, individual, government, etc.) which are made on behalf of the college and require endorsement involving allocation of time, funds, personnel, facilities, or other College resources. Requests for funding from external sources will be approved by the President or his designee who, as the senior administrative official, has the authority to commit College resources for any project that requires a relationship between the College and an external funding source.

If the College does not approve a request for external funding, such a request cannot be made on behalf of the College, imply endorsement by the College, nor the use of the College’s name.

*This policy does not apply to the pursuit of external funding that does not require College endorsement and for purposes that do not involve the allocation and use of College resources.


The principal office on campus available to assist with the grant development efforts of faculty and administrators is the Division of Institutional Advancement, working closely with the Office of the Provost.  Assistance can take the form of idea development, foundation research, identification of funding opportunities, proposal development, proposal review, budgeting, preparation of forms, execution of grant agreements, budget modifications, assistance with reporting requirements and a variety of other conditions that usually vary from one funding source to the next.

To accommodate these needs and to ensure the best use of finite resources, the College is establishing a Grant Clearinghouse process under the aegis of the Provost. The process by which faculty and staff may secure college approval for submission of a proposal or application for external support begins with completion of the Intent to Apply for External Funding Form. The clearinghouse will give preliminary approval to those projects seeking external funding before the Division of Institutional Advancement commits time and resources to the effort. Please refer to Guidelines and Resources for additional support information.


Le Moyne College encourages its faculty and staff to seek external funding for scholarly research, professional development, improvements of curriculum and instruction, programs and projects, expanding community service opportunities, renovating existing academic facilities or building new ones, overall institutional development or addressing key priorities of the Board of Trustees. 

The intent of this policy statement is to ensure that the pursuit of external funding is undertaken in a way that maximizes coordination and success in seeking external funds. A collaborative grant development process can help maximize the grant seeker’s effectiveness on campus and increase the chances of success with the funding source. As a result, Le Moyne College seeks to strengthen and support an internal grants process that offers its faculty and administrators the best prospects for success in this area.

Contact Us:

Steve Kulick, Director

Government and Foundation Relations and Academic Resources
Division of Institutional Advancement
Le Moyne College
Syracuse, NY  13214
Telephone: (315) 445-4560
Facsimile: (315) 445-4742

Lisa Lessun, Assistant Director

Foundation Relations and Academic Resources
Division of Institutional Advancement
Le Moyne College
Syracuse, NY 13214
Telephone: (315) 445-5442
Facsimile: (315) 445-4742