Resources for the Media

Le Moyne is committed to working with all members of the media to develop stories on a wide range of topics related to our programs, students, faculty and other areas of interest at the College.

We will make every attempt to assist members of the media in fulfilling all requests – such as interview, data or background information – in a timely manner, while respecting our students’ right to privacy.

All members of the news media requesting information about Le Moyne, arranging an interview, interested in attending events, or capturing images on campus must contact Joe Della Posta, director of communications, at [email protected] or 315-427-0190. Le Moyne faculty who would like to be added to this experts list can do so by emailing information to Joe.

Le Moyne faculty are experts on a wide range of topics, and are available to provide commentary. A sampling of our faculty experts is below:

Arts and Music
Art and Antiques
Professor of Fine Arts Emeritus Jacqueline Belfort-Chalat

Scenic and Lighting Design
Associate Professor of Visual and Performing Arts Karel Blakley

Classical Ballet, Pas de deux/Partnering
Musical Theatre Dance
Modern and Tap

Adjunct Professor of Dance Larry Crabtree

History of Jazz
Philosophy of Art
Associate Professor of Philosophy William Day Ph.D.

Clarinet Pedagogy
Instrumental Music Education
Adjunct Professor of Music John Flaver M.M.D.

Event Photography
Fine Art Photography
Studio Photography

Adjunct Professor of Photography David G. Moore

Orchestral Music
Arts Administration

Assistant Professor Travis Newton, MBA

Gender Inequality
Assistant Professor of Finance Chandan Jha, Ph.D.

Individual Taxation
International Taxation
Taxes and Financial/Estate Planning

Move Over Millienials - Hello Generation Z
Generations at Work: Talents and Balance

Professor of Practice Renée Downey Hart, Ph.D.

Appreciative Inquiry/Organizational Development
Emotional Intelligence

Professor of Business Administration Dennis O'Connor, Ph.D.

Computer Science

Analysis of Computational Algorithms
Computational Hardness
Assistant Professor of Computer Science Aparna Das, Ph.D.

Software design
Software engineering
Secure software development
Associate Professor of Computer Science David Voorhees, Ph.D.

English and Literature
Irish Literature and Culture
Victorian Literature

Theatre History
Renaissance Drama
Children's Literature
Catholic Literature

Associate Professor of English Miles Taylor, Ph.D.

Foreign Language

French and French-speaking World Studies

Catholic studies; Pastoral Care in Hospital Settings;
Rebuilding Interpersonal Relationships in Crisis
Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and English James H. Dahlinger, S.J., Ph.D.

Spanish Golden Age Literature and Culture
Associate Professor of Spanish Elena Rogriduez-Guridi, Ph.D.

Race and Politics in early America
Civil War
Black Soldiers
Professor of History Douglas R. Egerton, Ph.D.

Latin America
International Narcotics Trade/Drug Policy

Associate Professor of History Bruce Erickson, Ph.D.

Frederick Douglass
African American History
U.S. Women's History
History of anti-slavery movement
History of the U.S. South
U.S. History

Modern Military and Diplomatic History
Modern European History
Professor of History John W. Langdon, Ph.D.

Jesuit History and Spirituality
U.S. Legal History
Tudor-Stuart British History

Algebra-based Statistics
Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics Daniel Maravi, M.S., Ed.M.

Confucianism and Neo-Confucianism
American Philosophical Thought

Associate Professor of Philosophy William Day Ph.D.

Religion, Gender and Politics
Diversity and Inclusion

Professor of Philosophy Ludger Viefhues-Bailey, Ph.D.

Philosophy of Religion
The Philosophical Nature of Racial Categories
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy and English Jeremy Pierce, Ph.D.

Political Science
American Politics
The U.S. Supreme Court

Assistant Professor of Political Science Jonathan Parent, Ph.D.

Comparative Political Thought
Vaclav Havel's Political Thought
Discourse Analysis
Easter European Communism
Nation Branding

Associate Professor of Political Science Delia Popescu, Ph.D.

Child and Adolescent Psychology
Associate Professor of Psychology Shawn Ward, Ph.D.

Sensory Psychology (smell, taste and flavor research)
Behavioral Neuroscience
Professor of Psychology Theresa L. White, Ph.D.

Islamic and Qur'anic Studies
Islamic Mysticism
Arabic Language
Islam and the Media
Comparative Religion
Religion and Drugs
Religion and Politics
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Elliott Bazzano, Ph.D.

Nuclear Physics
Assistant Professor of Physics Christopher Bass, Ph.D.

Foundations of Quantum Physics
General Relativity
Quantum Cosmology
Quantum Gravity

Professor of Physics David A. Craig, Ph.D.

History of Chemistry

Professor of Chemistry Carmen Giunta Ph.D.

Population Genetics and Molecular Ecology
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Devon Kenney Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology Emily Desmet Ledgerwood, Ph.D.

Wildlife Management
Urban Ecology
Conservation Biology

Climate Change

Professor of Environmental Sciences Lawrence Tanner, Ph.D.

Sociology and Anthropology
Union-Management Relations
Collective Bargaining and Strikes
Teacher Unions
Maritime Industry and Sailors
Professor of Sociology Clifford B. Donn, Ph.D.

Gender and Violence
Intimate Partner Violence/Family Violence
Cyber-aggression (i.e. online harassment, cyber-stalking and image-based abuse)
Assistant Professor of Sociology Alison Marganski, Ph.D.

Social Welfare Policy

Human Services
Collective Community Impact

Associate Professor of Sociology Frank Ridzi, Ph.D.

Anthropology, Thailand, Southeast Asia
Professor of Anthropology Deborah Tooker, Ph.D.