2024-2025 Graduate Tuition and Fees
per credit hour unless otherwise noted)
Comprehensive Fee
(per semester - Fall and Spring only)
Course fees
EdD in Executive Leadership $1,658 $120  
Masters Education  $500 $520  
Masters Business Administration $992 $120  
Masters in Mental Health $865 $120  
Certificate of Advanced Study (Education Leadership) $536 $120  
Physician Assistant Program $17,267 per semester $215  
    PA PANCE course fee     $420
    PA ACLS course fee     $250
    PA CPR course fee     $60

    PA Clinical Rotation fee (9 courses)

PAS 671-678  - $500/course

PAS 679 - $400   

Occupational Therapy $15,833 per semester $500  
Masters Arts Administration (Including Certificate Programs) $827 $120   
Masters Family Nurse Practitioner (Including Master's and Post-Master's Certificate) $1,050 $120  

Nursing Clinical Rotation Fee (3 courses)

NSG 672-674


Doctorate of Nursing Program (DNP) $1,050 $120  
Masters Information Systems $992 $120  
Audit Fee - Graduate Programs $450 $120  


Semester charges are to be paid in full prior to the start of classes. Bills are available to students in advance of the due date through phinfo.lemoyne.edu and clicking on "Student Finance". Students who do not pay their tuition on or before the due date are not permitted to attend class until they pay their tuition. Students who fail to pay their tuition prior to the start of classes for the semester will be responsible for payment of a late fee and interest on the outstanding balance at an annual rate of twelve percent (12%). Students who register on or after the first day of classes will be subject to a late registration fee as outlined under the Incidental Fees. This includes students who add courses to achieve full-time status after the start of the semester. Students whose checks are returned by the bank will also be subject to a late-payment fee as well as a returned check fee. Accounts date from the opening day of the semester. Students permitted to enter later than this date are charged for the full semester.

Payment Plans

Education expenses can be easier to manage when spread over predictable monthly payments. Le Moyne College offers interest-free payment plans, administered by Flywire, as an alternative to one large payment and may help limit loan borrowing and ease financial pressures. Students and designated authorized users may contribute to a payment plan to pay for eligible student charges. The plan is available during the fall and spring semesters only. The enrollment fee is $35.00 per semester.  Payment Plan installments will be automatically deducted each month on the subsequent due date from the bank account or credit card you specify when enrolling in the plan.

• Convenient 3 or 4 month payment plan options. See Payment Plan schedule for enrollment and due dates.

• 24x7 account access to view and manage active payment plans via Phinfo and click on "Manage Payments"

• The ability for students to add one or more authorized users to have access to their account to make payments toward a payment plan or enroll in a payment plan on behalf of their student.


Financial Responsibility

Students are responsible for any college debt they have incurred, including library fees, parking fines, tuition charges and fees. The College may withhold the student’s transcripts and/or diploma, and prohibit the student from registering for any subsequent periods by placing a financial restriction hold on the student account. The College may also cancel the student’s registration immediately, remove or bar the student from attending classes without credit for the course in which the student is enrolled and retain all monies received. The financial restriction hold will be released once the outstanding debt and penalties have been paid in full.

If a college debt must be referred to outside sources for collection, the student will be responsible for paying any additional collection fees (approximately 33 percent) including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys’ fees and disbursements.

Inquiries regarding financial matters or problems should be directed to the bursar’s office. Students should pay their semester fees and obtain refunds from this office.

Refund Policy

The date of withdrawal is the date you notify, in writing, the appropriate graduate program office. Tuition adjustment calculations are done automatically based on the date of withdrawal and the start date of the semester. Fees are not refundable.

If you withdraw from the College or from a course, you may be entitled to a tuition credit of a percentage of your tuition. Fees are not refundable.

• 100 percent tuition credit during the first week

• 80 percent tuition credit during the second week

• 60 percent tuition credit during the third week

• 40 percent tuition credit during the fourth week

• 20 percent tuition credit during the fifth week

• No tuition refund credit after the fifth week

Students attending Le Moyne for the first time and receiving federal aid will receive a prorated refund for withdrawal through the ninth week of classes. Refunds will be returned to federal financial aid accounts in the following order: Federal Family Education Loan, then Federal Perkins Loan. The remaining portion of the refund for all students is returned to the account of any state or other Le Moyne assistance that the student received.