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ERIE 21 Lock 4

Established in 2021, Lock 4 provides non-traditional age students with access to education and the opportunity to develop skills needed to enter the tech workforce. Through local partnerships, the program boasts a 24-week coding boot camp and a coding apprenticeship program, as well as two undergraduate certificate programs in Cybersecurity Fundamentals and Computer Programming, serving 109 unique students to date.

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Student Spotlight: Harsha Bogin

“My time with ERIE21 has been a very proactive and fulfilling experience. This organization has shifted the trajectory of my life in such a positive direction with this program. I think it’s important to extend opportunities toward underrepresented communities in tech as well as any other occupation in order to create social balance and I believe ERIE21 is doing just that. I’m appreciative of the connection between ERIE21 and Le Moyne because the college has been very conducive to my academic and occupational objectives. The campus life is one of the many things I enjoy the most here at Le Moyne. From participating in club events to speaking with career advisors is a range of experiences that keep me excited to make my way to campus everyday. I’ve had the privilege of working in Le Moyne’s IT department as a consultant and it has been very rewarding to be able to work in an environment that is cohesive with my field of study.”




"They say 'Luck is when opportunity meets preparation'. I was approaching the end of my Web Development Bootcamp via Careers in Code (CiC) and I heard about the opportunity with the Surge Apprenticeship program. The experience has been amazing. Before participating in CiC and the Surge Apprenticeship program, I thought I would never be able to work in the Tech industry. This experience showed me that I was wrong." " - Larry Goodman