Cultivating Expertise, Promoting Scholarship and Fostering Learning

The Madden School of Business is home to six undergraduate majors, a master’s degree program in business administration and certificate programs in health care leadership, health information systems and government contracting. It utilizes three overarching Centers of Excellence—each charged with cultivating expertise, promoting scholarship and fostering learning opportunities within specific fields that provide the intellectual anchor and the organizational framework for the Madden School of Business.


The Donald J. Savage Sr. '51 and Family Center for Reflective Leadership

The Global Jesuit Case Series (GJCS)

Distinct from the majority of existing case collections, the GJCS will evaluate the impact of decisions and actions not only from an organizational and shareholder’s perspective, but include equally the perspectives of employees, families, communities, and the broader society. This more inclusive stakeholders approach emphasizes the sustainability of our businesses, societies and planet as necessitating each other – reinforcing in this way the link between healthy businesses and healthy and prospering communities. 

Targeting such areas as innovations in public-private partnerships, social entrepreneurship, and moral leadership -- the original research and analysis generated from these cases will influence not only the formation of students and faculty, but be a true conduit for business and social innovation -- building knowledge with each case on what works, why it works and the impact different approaches are having at the individual, organizational and societal level. 

In partnership with the over 200 Jesuit colleges and universities globally, the objective of this project is to produce and disseminate a series of business and social policy cases that embody the values of social justice, human dignity, moral leadership, and sustainability while concurrently fostering organizational innovation and profitability. From an educational perspective, the goal is to contribute to the formation of reflective, value centered leaders whose actions are driven by a concern for their organization, society and the world, who have the cognitive capacity to see and understand large complex systems in a dynamic world, and who embody "reflection-in-and-on-action" as opposed to those thoughtless alternatives: "reflection-without-action" and "action-without-reflection". 

The Arrupé Program in Social Ethics for Business

Over the past 19 years the Arrupe Program has developed initiatives to connect members of academia with the business community. Previously housed at Georgetown University’s Woodstock Theological Center, the Arrupe Program transferred to Le Moyne in 2013. The Program's collaboration with theologians and business leaders offers an opportunity to explore the practical application of business ethics and the impact on ethics-based academic instruction. 

WBC chapters provide a valuable network for the exploration of ideas relating the integration of faith and work. Le Moyne proposes to continue to grow these chapters in cities around the country and internationally. Le Moyne will work to create relationships between WBC and with Jesuit business schools for engagement and dialogue between the business community and the academic community. In addition to locally based collaborations between WBCC and Jesuit business schools there is a concerted effort to connect WBC chapters with each other through the annual Woodstock Business Conference. Immediate plans call for the creation 14 new WBC Chapters for a total of 30 chapters by 2017. The majority of new chapters will be located near Jesuit business schools, and these institutions will host chapter meetings and integrate chapter members into their campus communities.


The Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity

The New York Family Business Center (NYFBC)

Founded in 2009, the NYFBC has launched programs designed to support the unique needs of family-owned businesses. Its mission is “to provide education, resources and tools specific to family owned businesses in Upstate New York in a nurturing and confidential environment.” NYFBC activities are member-driven enabling participants to gain insight into elements that create a successful multi-generation family business. 

The NYFBC provides tools, resources, consulting, training, interaction, and education specific to family owned businesses in upstate New York in a nurturing and confidential environment.The Center's activities are member driven enabling participants to gain intimate insight into key elements that create a successful multi-generational family business. The Center partners with community leaders, organizations, colleges and universities to provide access, research and academic courses that are needed by family business owners. Local and nationally recognized professionals are brought into address specific topics pertaining to the success of a family owned business.


The Hetterich Center for Global Engagement and Impact

This Center will create an awareness of and an ongoing connectedness to global developments, issues, and insights. A key component of its activities will be fostering a sense of global citizenship and inspiring a search for common ground, while respecting differences among diverse societies. In this way, it will reflect the spirit of the Society of Jesus whose international outreach since its founding has been rooted in flexible knowledge-gathering and gaining a deep understanding of a rapidly changing world. The core value for this center is that of respectful mutuality.