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Recent Faculty Publications

Karmen MacKendrick's essay "Vulnerable from Within: Autoimmunity and Bodily Boundaries" appears in the latest issue of The Journal of Somaesthetics Vol. 3, Nos. 1 & 2 (2017), available here.

Ludger Viefhues-Bailey's essay "'Religion' in Anglo-American (Analytical) Philosophy of Religion" appears in Religion, Theory, Critique: Classic and Contemporary Approaches and Methodologies, edited by Richard King (Columbia UP, 2017). A second essay, "Looking forward to a New Heaven and a New Earth where American Greatness Dwells. Trumpism's Political Theology," is in the latest issue of Political Theology 18.3 (2017):194-200.

William Day's essay "The Aesthetic Dimension of Wittgenstein's Later Writings" appears in the latest volume in the "Philosophers in Depth" series, Wittgenstein on Aesthetic Understanding, edited by Garry L. Hagberg (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017). Day's most recent essay on film, "The Ecstasy of Time Travel in Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams," is in The Philosophy of Documentary Film: Image, Sound, Fiction, Truth, edited by David LaRocca (Lexington Books of Rowman & Littlefield, 2017). Both are available here.


Philosophy Student Honors

The newest members of Phi Sigma Tau and the winners of the Leonard P. Markert Medal were honored at a ceremony on April 20, 2017.

Phi Sigma Tau (ΦΣΤ) is the international honor society for high-achieving students of philosophy. This year's inductees are Samantha Cobb, Rebecca Hall, Alexandra Paulin, Trevor Thompson, and Noah Woods.

The Leonard P. Markert Medal in Philosophy is awarded each year to the graduating senior who does the most outstanding work in Philosophy. This year the Department was pleased to name two Markert Medal winners: Samantha Cobb and Jacob Richards.

Vulnerability Conference

The Department of Philosophy and the McDevitt Chair in Religious Philosophy hosted Le Moyne's first themed undergraduate conference, Vulnerability: Dimensions and Perspectives, on April 8, 2017. Students from various majors at the College read their refereed papers for the conference to an audience of 50-75 faculty, students, and friends from the community.

The keynote speaker for the conference was Richard Moran, Ph.D., the Brian D. Young Professor of Philosophy at Harvard University, who delivered a talk titled “The Philosophical Retreat to the Here and Now."

The conference was one of several initiatives of Le Moyne's first Visiting McDevitt Chair in Religious Philosophy, Todd May, Ph.D., the Class of 1941 Memorial Professor of Philosophy at Clemson University.

The student presenters and the titles of their papers were:

  • Veronica Ung-Kono '18 (Communication, Political Science): "An Examination of Victor Frankenstein's Vulnerabilities"
  • Sebaah Hamad '17 (English Literature): "Shame and Guilt Foster Hope of Return: Palestinian Poetry in the Wake of the Nakba"
  • Noah Woods '18 (Philosophy, Religious Studies): "A Vulnerable Consciousness: Evolution, Meaning and Suffering"
  • Juliette Rawda '18 (Philosophy, Political Science): "Allegory of the Cave: Invulnerability and Ignorance"