Why study Applied Statistics at Le Moyne College?

The importance of having a strong statistical background to conduct research in a variety fields cannot be understated. U.S. News & World Report ranks `Statistician’ at #6 among its 100 Best Jobs for 2020.  The Minor in Applied Statistics is designed to give students the skills they need to compete in a data-driven world and to gain experience and competency with the analysis of data in their major field of study.

Program Highlights


Students will learn modern statistical methods beyond those covered by their majors. They will gain familiarity with statistical software and experience analyzing real world data sets related to their major field of study. Students who complete this minor will, through their numeracy and comfort with data, have an advantage over other applicants when applying to graduate programs or industry jobs.

Psychology, Biology, Economics, Finance, Sociology or Nursing majors will most likely just have to take two additional courses in Advanced Statistical Methods and Statistical Consulting to obtain this minor.

Careers & Outcomes

Student researchers
A valuable addition to your resume

The Applied Statistics minor has helped our students achieve their goals. 

“The Applied Statistics minor has aided me in applying for graduate school, as many schools require an intro to Statistics. Now I do not have to take it in graduate school. I also believe the minor aided in my acceptance into graduate school, as it made my application stand out against other undergraduate psychology majors."

“The Applied Statistics minor challenged me in a way that has enriched my understanding of statistical methods. I feel much more confident running and interpreting analyses, as this minor has given me the tools to interpret data and the chance to work on advanced projects."

“I learned how to consult with faculty on their data sets and run an array of procedures to analyze it using the computer software, R. I now know how to analyze data using a variety of tests for research.”