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  • Why Study Foreign Languages at Le Moyne College?


    If you are intrigued by world travel and imagine yourself in distant destinations like Barcelona, Paris, or Venice, Le Moyne's foreign language and literatures program can unlock a future filled with multicultural appreciation, linguistic proficiency, and cross-cultural knowledge.

    Does spending a semester abroad appeal to you? Would you appreciate a generous calendar of diversity-focused campus events and service learning possibilities? Are you interested in increasing your employability in fields such as education, business, marketing, international relations, political science, criminology, law and health care?

    The FLL program will enrich your understanding of our increasingly globalized world through well-rounded preparation and study of civilizations and languages that are much different than your own. Our faculty members teach French and Spanish majors in the target language, and minors of other widely-spoken languages of the world immerse themselves in equally engaging conversation. Your journey toward a rewarding, multilingual career awaits you at Le Moyne College.


    Program Highlights

    • Students gain an understanding and respect for our multicultural and globalized world through a well-rounded preparation in a language, culture and civilization different from their own.
    • Majors in French and Spanish as well as studies in the other widely-spoken languages of the world.
    • Courses are taught in the target language and in their cultural context in a small classroom setting.
    • Majors are required to spend a semester abroad.
    • Renowned writers and artists share their work with the students at Le Moyne every semester.


    Our Stories

    Caitlen McGuire

    Caitlin McGuire

    Public Relations and Spanish / 2013

    There is a lot of support and consideration for students, inside and outside the classroom.

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    Photo Amanda D'Angelo

    Amanda D'Angelo

    / 2017

    Amanda D'Angelo '17 is about to embark on a life-altering journey to Northern Spain

    View Story
    Photo Lindsay Pescetti

    Lindsay Pescetti

    / 2012

    The Spanish program at Le Moyne absolutely helped me land my dream job.

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    Proficiency in a foreign language expands students’ career prospects, especially when combined with political science, business and marketing, international relations, criminology, law, health care, and education. Our graduates have worked in fields such as:

    • Teaching
    • Business
    • Law
    • Writing
    • Volunteer service
    • English as a Second Language 



    B.A. in French
    B.A. in Spanish

    Le Moyne also offers a sequence leading to New York state teaching certification for those looking to teach Spanish or French to others. 

    The Foreign Languages and Education Departments also offer a Five-Year Program leading to a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science for Teachers Program in Spanish and Adolescent Education.

    Classical Humanities
    French and Spanish Language & Literature

    Distinctive Courses: Anthropological Linguistics; French Through Film; Spanish for Business; Italian Culture and Cinema; Arabic Conversation

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    Contact the Department Chair:

    Dr. Josefa Alvarez


    (315) 445-4317


    Contact the Department:

    Reilly Hall 205
    Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
    Le Moyne College
    1419 Salt Springs Road
    Syracuse, NY 13214


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