The Medieval Studies Minor

The medieval studies Minor at Le Moyne College offers students the opportunity to explore the development of culture and society from the fifth through the 15th centuries, primarily of European societies. The student will examine the Middle Ages by studying a variety of disciplines, including classical studies, history, literature, philosophy and religious studies.

The minor focuses on issues in medieval life that are of compelling importance in the modern world. The program is designed to enable students to connect courses in several departments, so that they experience a wider view of the period. One of the strengths of the medieval studies program at Le Moyne is the international flavor of course offerings available for students, from courses in late medieval English literature as well as the rise of Islam in the Middle East, or the study of ancient and medieval political theory and the history of East Asia up to 1600.

Learning Goals

Students who minor in Medieval Studies will:

  1. articulate interpretations of the Medieval period through a variety of disciplinary lenses (such as literature, philosophy, and religious studies)
  2. articulate the dominant cultural movements in world events from the Medieval period
  3. articulate critical responses to primary texts from the Medieval period
  4. articulate cultural movements leading to or from the Medieval period (i.e., the Ancient world or the Renaissance)

Courses and Requirements for Medieval Studies

See the Le Moyne College catalog for more information about the medieval studies minor offered by the Department of English.

Meet the Faculty

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