Why an Accounting Degree from Le Moyne College?


Whether a business is a for profit, or not for profit, they still need to earn a fair “profit” to meet goals.  A traditional for-profit business passes profits to owners and investors, but the not for profit uses the income earned to serve its cause, whether it be funding multiple charities or providing a place for the homeless to live.  Both types of organizations require financial statements that comply with laws and regulations, but also provide critical information to management and stakeholders of the organization for future planning and efficiency.  The accountant is responsible for communicating this information, as well as ensuring its accuracy. 

Additionally, tax planning and compliance is a critical element of all organizations as well as individuals which is managed by a properly trained accountant.  From the largest corporations to the smallest business, solid accounting practices are the financial lifeblood of an organization as well as individuals. 

Le Moyne's nationally ranked and acclaimed accounting program, housed within the Madden School of Business recognizes the importance the profession has with individuals, companies and industries as a whole. It is structured to develop well-rounded, polished, ethical students who are ready to contribute to the field immediately upon graduation. 


Program Highlights

Our nationally ranked accounting program not only provides the course work necessary to obtain the CPA credential in many states, but also ensures that students have skills to stand out from the competition in the profession.  As a program based in Jesuit practice of education, graduates from this program are educated around the “whole person.”  A graduate does not just have the skills to obtain a job, but the skills to be a more well-rounded individual who can positively influence society throughout a whole professional career in a variety of roles.  Students have the skills to think about a whole career and surrounding community.

In addition to the traditional courses in areas such as Cost Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Accounting Information Systems, and financial reporting, students have opportunities to take part in workshops that develop key life skills around career planning, professional development and other key skills to launch a successful long-term career beyond the first job, as part of the “whole person” concept of education.  Coupled with our graduate options, students can specialize in additional areas that are in key demand by employers such as Information Systems and Taxation.  Students also have options to complete additional coursework in high demand areas such as analytics.

The hallmark of the program is our strong connection to employers in public and private sectors. An array of quality internships, a distinguished alumni network and key partnerships with local, national and international businesses eagerly launch our accounting majors into prime positions for success. 

In addition to the classroom experience, students have the option to engage with the profession through various student organizations available to accounting majors.


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Photo Joshua Klepfer

Joshua Klepfer

Madden School of Business / 2013

I look forward to a career in Public Accounting

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Ryan Noone

Ryan Noone

/ 2018

I will forever be grateful for the relationships and connections that I made on The Heights.

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Photo Chitunga Crandall

Chitunga Crandall

/ 2020

Do not take opportunities for granted, respect everyone you meet, be resilient, and focus on long-term goals

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Graduates with an accounting degree have found opportunities in both the public and private accounting sectors. Long a renowned program for accounting in the Central New York area, the expansion of Le Moyne’s alumni base has now extended its accounting graduates nationwide, creating added employment opportunities for recent graduates. While attending Le Moyne many students have had the opportunity for finding part-time employment with local accounting firms, many of which are headed by Le Moyne graduates.  

Wages of accountants and auditors being significantly above national averages of other occupations, and employment for these professions is projected to grow 10% from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Accounting Degree Options

Bachelor of Science/ Master of Business Administration (BS/MBA)- A 150-hour program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Master of Business Administration, with both degrees being conferred at the end of the fifth year.

Bachelor of Science/ Masters of Information Systems (BS/MS-IS) - A 150-hour program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Master in Information Systems, with both degrees being conferred at the end of the fifth year.

Bachelor of Science (BS)- A four-year undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in business with a major in Accounting. This program also has been structured to qualify students for graduate study or to provide them with the comprehensive outlook that will prepare them for entry into the business world.

If you would like to learn more about courses, requirements, and opportunities for the Accounting major, please see the Le Moyne College catalog.