Kaplan Preparation Courses

Le Moyne College is excited to partner with Kaplan, Inc. to provide Le Moyne students discounted rates on Kaplan preparation courses for the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and NCLEX exams.

Students who are interested in signing up for a Kaplan course must complete all of the steps below:

  1. Select a Kaplan course you’d like to register for that is starting no early than 14 business days from now and identify its Kaplan Course Code. NOTE: Please do NOT enroll in a class via the Kaplan website. You will be enrolled by Le Moyne College at the partnership price.
  2. Complete this registration form: https://forms.gle/8Ei4JWQTsvCYVGKv5
  3. Bring a check for the appropriate amount to Career Advising & Development in Reilly Hall 342. There is a locked drop box located just outside the office door where you can securely submit your check for payment at any time. We will not provide your information to Kaplan until we receive a check from you.

Step-by-step instructions for registering and paying for your discounted Kaplan preparation course:

  1. Visit the link for your exam type:
    MCAT Course Schedules  -  https://www.kaptest.com/mcat/courses/mcat-prep-live-online
    LSAT Course Schedules - https://www.kaptest.com/lsat/online-course/scheduler/classes
    GRE Course Schedules  -     https://www.kaptest.com/gre/courses/gre-prep-live-online
    NCLEX-RN Course Schedules - https://www.kaptest.com/nclex/nclex-rn-live-online/scheduler?deliveryStyle=all+Online+and+In+Person+classes&distance=10&sortBy=startDate&zip=10018
  2. Select a class that works best for your schedule.  Remember, you need to bring a check to Career Advising & Development at least 14 business days BEFORE the course is scheduled to begin.
  3. Click "See Schedules", and then "Course Details" to find the Class Code at the very bottom of the page.      
          **ex. Class Code: MAAGL20137
  4. Once you have chosen a schedule, copy the CLASS CODE.
  5. Complete Le Moyne’s registration form including pasting the CLASS CODE into the appropriate field.
  6. Bring a check made out to Le Moyne College for the appropriate course fee for your desired preparation course to Career Advising & Development in Reilly 342.
  7. You will receive a welcome email from Kaplan once you have access to your online resources.  This can take a few days since we enroll students as a group at one time.  Please be sure to check your junk/spam folder for this email.

If you already have an existing Kaplan account you will NOT receive a welcome email, but you can login and see your course in your account. 


GRE Prep - Live Online: $600.00
LSAT Prep - Live Online: $650.00
MCAT Prep - Live Online: $1,250.00
NCLEX-RN Prep - Live Online: $250.00