Financial Aid for Incoming Undergraduates

We understand the financial investment you are making in deciding to go to college. Since its founding, Le Moyne College has been committed to providing educational opportunities to motivated students of diverse social and economic backgrounds. To support this goal, we administer a comprehensive distribution of financial aid, using our own resources as well as state and federal funds. Financial aid is awarded both on the basis of merit and need in order to supplement the financial assistance for you and your family.  

When is payment due?
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The Bursar’s office handles transactions regarding the student account. The College bills by semester, and payment is due prior to the start of the semester. Bills are available the second week of July for the fall semester online through Le Moyne enables you to deduct any Federal Direct Loan disbursements from the balance due, since loan funds cannot be applied to your account until after the semester begins. Balances not paid by the start of the semester are subject to a $100 late payment fee and/or interest on the outstanding balance.

The College offers CashNet Tuition Payment Plan, that features a monthly payment plan for people who want an alternative to paying at the beginning of each semester. Enrolling in CashNet Tuition Payment Plan is easy – simply visit
, click on “Enroll Now,” choose the payment plan option best for you, and follow the easy steps to complete your enrollment. If you have any questions, call CashNet at (877) 821-0625, and a specialist will be happy to assist you. Brochures on Tuition Payment Plan are available in our Bursar’s and Financial Aid offices. You will also be emailed the enrollment information from CashNet via email in early June.

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You can pay by mail (check, cashier’s check or money order payable to Le Moyne College in U.S. funds). You can pay in person. The Bursar will accept cash, check or money order during regular business hours. Students can pay online with electronic check using and also view the most recent statement and billing history. Students will be given instructions for access at Summer Welcome.

International students can also pay online using peerTransfer by going to

You will be able to access your student account information through your account by accessing “View Account and Make Payments”. This is a 24/7 Self Service portal which can be used to view your semester statements and pay your tuition bills using an electronic check. Please note that the college does not accept credit cards as a form of payment for student accounts. Also, you will be allowed to Grant Financial Rights to Parents, Guardians or other individual who may need to view your account or make a payment on your behalf. You control this detail and only the student may grant rights.

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While it is everyone’s hope that the balance can be covered by funds you and your family have saved for college, or from additional outside scholarships you may receive, we understand that you may need other options to help cover some or all of the balance due. These options may include: 
Federal Direct Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) – This loan program enables parents to borrow the balance due plus the cost of books, supplies and other expenses (as defined by the College, based on federal guidelines). All parents and stepparents are eligible regardless of income as long as they have a good credit history.
Alternative Student Loans – Private loans are available for students to use to cover the balance due. Most require a co-signer with a good credit history. Private educational loan interest and repayment benefits differ. Use the private loan as your last option, and research and compare private loan programs before you make your final decision. Contact the Financial Aid office if you have questions.

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Students will receive their financial aid notification both online and in the mail. Students accept or decline their student loans or work offer online at https://myinfo.lemoyne. edu. The credentials to access this site are included with the email sent when the financial aid package is prepared. Your admission deposit must be paid by the deadline indicated by the Office of Admission, and the aid recipient (your student) must enroll at Le Moyne to receive the awards listed on the award letter.

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Le Moyne Merit Awards: Le Moyne Merit Awards are awarded based on the admission application and are renewed based on the guidelines outlined in your admission letter.

Le Moyne Grants: Based on financial need; applied for each year.

Le Moyne Athletic Scholarships: Determined by the coaches; renewed annually based on your student’s participation on the team.

Federal Pell Grants: Based on FAFSA results; awarded annually.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants: Based on FAFSA results; awarded annually.

Federal College Work Study: Based on FAFSA results. First-year students who are eligible for and accept Federal Work Study will be given placement information in July. Students need to apply for and obtain a campus job in order to earn these funds. First-year students generally work eight hours per week and are paid biweekly

New York State Tuition Assistant Program (TAP): Based on FAFSA results. A New York state resident grant; awarded annually. If you have not yet done so, complete a TAP application at before you enroll at Le Moyne. Go to for more information.

Federal Direct Student Loans – Subsidized and Unsubsidized: Based on FAFSA results. You will borrow directly from the federal government, not a private lender. Subsidized loans do not require you to pay interest on the loan while you are enrolled in school, as opposed to unsubsidized loans in which the interest accumulates. First time borrowers must complete a master promissory note and student loan entrance counseling before federal loans can be disbursed to the student account. Both of these steps are completed online at
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Students receiving Le Moyne, federal or state aid must maintain satisfactory academic standing as outlined in the College Catalog. Additional guidelines for retaining the New York State TAP awards are also oulined in the College Catalog. Students must also maintain eligibility for each scholarship they receive. For example, students awarded a Presidential Scholarship need to maintain a 3.25 GPA and full-time status in order to qualify.

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If your situation has changed since you filed your financial aid information, contact the Office of Financial Aid in writing or via email with an explanation, and include new financial figures that better reflect your situation. Be prepared to document the changes you submit. When Le Moyne is the applicant’s first choice and funding is the only barrier to attending the College, your student may also file an appeal of your financial aid package to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. Send your appeal to the Office of Financial Aid, 1419 Salt Springs Road, Syracuse, NY 13214, or email it to [email protected]. Although Le Moyne resources are extremely limited, we will do all we can to help your student.
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The college will contact the student in late May if signed tax returns are required.
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If you are taking fewer than 12 credit hours, you will not be eligible for Le Moyne aid. However, if you are taking at least three credits, you may still qualify for a federal Pell Grant and if enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits, you may use a federal student loan. Contact the financial aid office for more information.
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If you live on campus, the College will include the cost of room and board in the total calculation of charges to determine your eligibility for financial aid. In most cases, you will need to either cover the room and board charges on your own or take out a student or parent loan to cover room and board charges.
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If you are eligible for funds in excess of your tuition, fees, room and board, the excess can be used to cover the cost of your books and supplies.
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The College evaluates the cost of tuition, room and board based on the Board of Trustees approval each academic year. Updated costs are posted on the website each fall.
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Financial aid award levels are established during your first year and designed to remain constant for four years. Your eligibility is evaluated each year, however. If your family’s financial situation changes substantially (for better or worse), it may have an impact on your eligibility. Merit aid is based on your high school record, and as long as you meet the GPA requirements, your merit award will not change regardless of your family’s financial situation.
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You should complete the FAFSA each year to ensure that you are receiving all of the aid you are eligible to receive.
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The College does not accept credit cards as a form of payment for your student account charges. Students can use cash, check or money order to pay their remaining charges. Students can also pay online using an electronic check or online through peerTransfer if outside the US.
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Students owing a balance to the College will not be allowed to register for the upcoming semester. Students unable to register on time should work with the bursar as soon as possible to determine what they need to do to clear up their account. Once a Bursar’s hold is lifted, students can receive assistance from their major advisor, the Student Success Center or the Registrar to complete their course registration.
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Full-time undergraduate students are charged a flat tuition rate when registered for 12 credits or more. So if you drop a class but remain at 12 credits or above, there is no need for an adjustment (refund) to your tuition charge. You should refer to the academic calendar for Le Moyne’s stated refund policy. Part-time students (students enrolled in fewer than 12 credit hours), students dropping from full-time to part-time status, or students taking a leave of absence or withdrawing from the College during the first five weeks of classes should be mindful of the College’s refund period. Full refunds are only available during the first week of classes.
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No. You will be paid biweekly based on the hours you worked in a particular pay period. Students will collect their wages in a paper check from the Payroll Office, located in Grewen Hall 2nd Floor, or sign up for direct deposit with their bank.
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Yes, definitely! Even though your parents may be involved, it is you, the student, who is the client of Le Moyne College. As an entering college student, please become informed and understand the process of billing and how your account will be paid. Pay close attention and respond promptly to all emails and contacts from the bursar’s office or financial aid. It may mean that you need to sign a check or a promissory note, or it may mean that you need to be informed about a change in your financial aid. Most of all, know that if you use loans to make payments toward your bill, you are the one ultimately responsible for the repayment of that loan upon graduation. Be proactive. Become involved in your own budgeting and financial management during your college years. We can help. Please ask questions to avoid any financial difficulty.
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A scholarship and career-readiness program for all students across New York State and outside of New York State (Dolphin Award). The PromiseNY/Dolphin Award is being offered only to incoming first-year students who will study full time at Le Moyne beginning in Fall 2018.The scholarship – $2,500 a year for four years or $10,000 total – automatically renews each year for a total of four years. Students must remain in good academic standing in order to keep the award, and there are no requirements for students to reside in New York state upon graduation.