The aim of the Le Moyne College Center for Urban and Regional Applied Research is to provide an infrastructure for collaborative research that serves the needs of the Central New York Community. CURAR's strategy involves fostering dialogue and supporting research endeavors that bring together the various capacities, energies, visions and experience of faculty members, students and local community and government leaders. CURAR promotes an interdisciplinary and active approach to citizenship that includes a diverse variety of community members as well as faculty associates from across the spectrum of academic fields. Guided by the Jesuit mission of economic and social justice, CURAR's ultimate mission is to foster an economic, educational, social, political, and environmental infrastructure for a more just society.

Recent Project Spotlights

Arts Research Takes Center Stage at Le Moyne College: Team of Cross-Disciplinary Faculty Receives Funding to Conduct Research
A summary of this study can be read on Syracuse.com

Examining the Impact of the Imagination Library Program on Kindergarten Readiness, Summer 2015
Executive Summary (please cite and distribute only with author permission)

Apply for CURAR Funding; Become a Faculty Associate

Le Moyne College’s Center for Urban and Regional Applied Research invites faculty members and CURAR Research Associates to submit proposals for a CURAR Applied Research Fellowship. These are one-year Fellowship stipends that average about $2,000 or higher based on available funding, awarded for projects that involve faculty and research associates in applied scholarship of varying forms. They are intended to support faculty & Research Associates to develop applied research projects that are of use to the community, and to carry out the research with students when possible. Each year, past ARFs will serve on the committee to select the Fellows.


The CURAR Medal is a college-wide award and students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply.

To be considered for the medal, please contact David P. Voorhees CURAR Awards Chair.