The aim of the Le Moyne College Center for Urban and Regional Applied Research is to provide an infrastructure for collaborative research that serves the needs of the Central New York Community. CURAR's strategy involves fostering dialogue and supporting research endeavors that bring together the various capacities, energies, visions and experience of faculty members, students and local community and government leaders. CURAR promotes an interdisciplinary and active approach to citizenship that includes a diverse variety of community members as well as faculty associates from across the spectrum of academic fields. Guided by the Jesuit mission of economic and social justice, CURAR's ultimate mission is to foster an economic, educational, social, political, and environmental infrastructure for a more just society.

For more information, please contact:
David P. Voorhees, Associate Professor, Director Computer Science, CURAR Awards Chair
(315) 445-4372 or voorhedp@lemoyne.edu.

Urban Studies

Urban and regional studies is an interdisciplinary field that analyzes cities and the regions surrounding them as cultural, social, historical and ecological systems. To understand these systems, urban and regional studies draws upon theories and methodologies from the social sciences (anthropology, criminology, demography, economics, political science, psychology and sociology), the humanities (philosophy, art, literature, cultural studies and history), the natural sciences (ecology and environmental studies), urban architecture and design and public policy & planning.

Recent Project Spotlight

Executive Summary - Examining the Impact of the Imagination Library Program on Kindergarten Readiness  Summer 2015 (please cite and distribute only with author permission)

Arts Research Takes Center Stage at Le Moyne College: Team of Cross-Disciplinary Faculty Receives Funding to Conduct Research

Syracuse, NY – On the campus of Le Moyne College, a cross-disciplinary team of faculty has received funding to conduct research on the consequences of various types of social capital for civic life in the arts community, as well as the financial return on investment of fostering a strong relationship between the arts community and other local banks of social capital.

The $15,000 grant is derived from the Arts & Culture Research Fund, which includes contributions by the New York Community Trust, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, New York Council for the Humanities, and the John R. Oishei Foundation.

Given the recent economic downturn and its effects on arts organizations state-wide, the researchers hope to find correlations that will help arts and cultural organizations to create long term sustainability models.

The research team includes professors Matthew Loveland (Sociology), Travis Newton (Arts Administration), Delia Popescu (Political Science) and Frank Ridzi (Sociology). The team also includes Olive Sephuma, Director of Community Grantmaking at the Central New York Community Foundation.

“We understand intuitively that cultural activities are essential for the health of the community,” says Le Moyne College Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Linda LeMura, “but research is imperative to gauge how the arts integrate with the economic interests of the city. Our team of interdisciplinary scholars bring their diverse talents to bear on this challenge.”

Research findings will be disseminated in a number of ways, including a policy memo to be circulated online, via local community and arts organization list-servs, and through presentations to interested arts and cultural institutions. Team members will also tweet results periodically, using #SocietyAndArt.

For further information about the project, contact Travis Newton at newtontm@lemoyne.edu.

For further information about New York Community Trust, visit www.nycommunitytrust.org.

Current Events

The Committee for Urban and Regional Applied Research (CURAR) is currently seeking applications from faculty members to become CURAR scholars in 2018-2019. This designation comes with a stipend and is designed to encourage applied research in Central New York that has a clear benefit for the community. Projects should involve at least one community member or constituency and faculty members are encouraged to involve students in their research. Please contact David P. Voorhees, CURAR awards chair, to discuss or submit proposals for potential projects before the deadline of Feb. 11, 2018. For more information, see the Applied Research Fellowships section below.

Thanks to all who made our Fall Careers in Public Service Event a Success! If you are interested in a career in public service, nonprofits or public administration, please contact Frank Ridzi at ridzifm@lemoyne.edu.


Past Award Recipients

  • 2018  Brittany Perolla
  • 2017  Benjamin Rodgers
  • 2016  Eileen Ploetz
  • 2015  Mitchell Lucas
  • 2014  Samantha Furco
  • 2013  Lindsey Forcione, CNY Vitals Research
  • 2012  Andrew Lunetta, Pedal to Possibilities
  • 2011  Adrienne Canino
  • 2010  Eileen Micaroni
  • 2009  Clinton Smith, GIS Greenbelt Analysis: Building a Greenbelt in Syracuse
  • 2008  Sara Stebner, "An Examination of the Relationship between Mental Illness and Criminal Activity in a Sample of Onondaga County Offenders: A Diathesis-Stress Approach"
  • 2007  Jamie Gartner, "A Comparison of Schools in Rome, Italy and Central New York"
  • 2006  April Roberts, "An Evaluation Plan for the Syracuse Middle School Choice Program"
  • 2006  Maria Paino, "The Impact of Digital Divide Remediation on Income and Public Assistance"

Award Criteria

  1. Student must be a graduating senior.
  2. Student must participate in research that is applied to urban and regional issues (i.e. basic research, needs assessment, policy analysis, program evaluation).
  3. The research must include a written or otherwise tangible product which can be reviewed. It must be original scholarly work.
  4. The student must engage in a public presentation of this work.
  5. The research and product may be co-authored with faculty and/or other students and community members.
  6. A recommendation from the supervising faculty member (mentor, co-author etc.) must be submitted along with the finished product to the Urban and Regional Scholars Committee for review by the publicized deadline.

This is a college-wide award and students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply.

To be considered for the medal or to learn about opportunities for conducting applied urban and regional research, please contact the Director of Urban and Regional Studies, Professor Frank Ridzi at ridzifm@lemoyne.edu or (315) 445-4480.

Faculty Affiliates

There are currently 22 faculty affiliates of CURAR, representing a broad range of academic fields. Click here for a list of faculty associates and their research interests.

Research Associates

Those involved in research projects with CURAR who are not members of the Le Moyne faculty may be appointed as Research Associates. Click here for a list of research associates and their research interests.

Applied Research Fellowships

These are one-year fellowships with a stipend that averages about $2,000 or higher based on available funding, awarded for faculty & research associate projects that involve students in applied scholarship.

Click here for application information and list of ARFs.