Welcome Students from The College of Saint Rose

As a teach-out institution for The College of Saint Rose, Le Moyne is committed to working with you if you are interested in continuing your educational journey here on the Heights beginning in Fall 2024.

Information for Undergraduate Students

We are excited you are considering continuing your educational journey at Le Moyne College! We will provide:

  • Acceptance of all transfer credits for similar programs of study.
  • Financial aid packages in line with what you received at The College of Saint Rose.
  • A fast application review process.
  • Services to quickly acclimate you to our campus community and the many opportunities you will have as a Le Moyne Dolphin.

Please reach out to us with any questions you may have.  If you're interested in meeting individually, you may schedule an appointment with the Office of Transfer Admission - in person & virtual options are available.  We look forward to meeting you and assisting you with the transfer process.

The College of Saint Rose to Le Moyne College Undergraduate Teach-Out Programs
The College of Saint Rose Le Moyne College
Program Title Degree Program Title Degree
Accounting BS Business: Accounting BS
Biochemistry BS Biochemistry BS
Biology BS Biology BA or BS
Business Administration BS Business: Varied ** BS
Communications BA Communications BA
Computer Science BS Computer Science BA or BS
Criminal Justice, Behavior & Law BA Criminology BA
Cybersecurity BS Cybersecurity BS
English BA English  BA
Finance BBA Business: Finance BS
History BA History BA
History & Political Science BA History & Political Science BA
Inclusive Childhood Education (English & Social Studies) BS Inclusive Childhood Educ (1-6): English or History BS
Management BBA Business: Management & Leadership BS
Management: Human Resource Management Track BBA Business: Human Resource Management BS
Marketing BS or BBA Business: Marketing BS
Political Science BA Political Science BA
Psychology BA or BS Psychology BA or BS

** Review of transcript required to determine major alignment

Information for Graduate Students

We understand that graduate school was a big decision from the start, but we want to make it as easy as possible for you to continue your degree. Schedule an individual consultation with a representative from the Office of Graduate Admission to talk more about your options - in-person and virtual opportunities are available.

The College of Saint Rose to Le Moyne College Graduate Teach-Out Programs
The College of Saint Rose Le Moyne College
Program Title Degree Program Title Degree
Business Administration  MBA Leadership
Advanced Certificate - School Building Leadership CAS School Building Leadership CAS
Advanced Certificate - School District Leadership - Professional  CAS School District Leadership  CAS
Adolescence Education MSED Pending   
Childhood Education / Special Education MSED Pending   
Clinical Mental Health Counseling MSED Clinical Mental Health Counseling MS

Get in Touch

Undergraduate Admission Questions?
Cathleen Anderson, Director of Transfer Admission
(315) 445-4300 | [email protected]

Graduate Admission Questions?
Teresa Renn, Associate Dean, Graduate Admission & Success
(315) 445-4300 | [email protected]

Financial Aid Questions?
Tim Lee, Vice President for Enrollment Management
Maximo Flint-Morgan, Director of Financial Aid
(315) 445-4400 | [email protected]

Apply for Admission*

* If you are interested in enrolling after Fall 2024, please contact transfer or graduate admission to discuss your options.