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Stempower Students

The world needs more women in STEM.  At Le Moyne, we want our women Science and Math majors and minors to thrive.  Stempower enables you to build a community, increase self-confidence and find your STEM career path.  This leading-edge program brings together like-minded individuals to discuss topics that are important to college life and for women to accelerate their success in the professional world.  You’ll have visibility to career options and the paths of successful women in STEM careers.  As a participant, you’ll also have a junior/senior woman mentor aligned with your STEM interests and access to employers who are focused on expanding their base of women new hires.  

About Stempower at Le Moyne
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You’ve demonstrated your interest and aptitude in science, technology and/or math.  How do you excel in college?  How do you prepare to become a successful, professional women in STEM after graduation?  Through the Stempower sessions, your new-found community and your mentor, you’ll find those answers.  

Cohort 1, for first-year students and sophomores (optional), focuses on participants’ strength and confidence, as well as belonging in the world of STEM.

Those in Cohort 2 will follow a personal discovery path on how to combine their science or math discipline with other passions/interests/aptitudes to establish a career direction. 



Stempower Students

Cohort 1 features 5 learning modules.  The two-hour sessions take place once a month, three times a semester.  Cohort 1 is open to both First Years and Sophomores.

Learning Modules:

  • Women in STEM Careers
  • Confidence & Self-Promotion
  • Risk, Reward & Resiliency
  • Business Etiquette
  • Global Mindset   

The sixth session is a Professional Women in STEM panel.

Apply to participate:
Incoming First Year Students
Current Le Moyne Students


Stempower Students

Cohort 2 features 5 learning modules.  The two-hour sessions take place once a month, three times a semester.  Cohort 2 is available to sophomores. 

Learning Modules:

  • Prepare for the Fair + LinkedIn Lab
  • Networking
  • Motivating Career Path Options
  • Making the Most of an Internship + Grad School Options 
  • Seat at the Table  


The sixth session is a Professional Women in STEM panel. 

Apply to participate 


Stempower Students

Mentor one or two first year or sophomore women in your major.  While giving back and sharing your knowledge, you’ll realize the benefits of mentoring: 

  • Improves communication and personal skills
  • Develops leadership and management qualities
  • Increases your confidence and motivation
  • Reinforces your own study skills and knowledge of your subject(s)
  • Enhances your resume
  • Increases your circle of friends
  • Provides a sense of fulfilment and personal growth


With these benefits come responsibilities. Here are the expectations for Stempower mentors:

  • Meet with your mentees at least once a month. You can meet with both mentees at the same time but we encourage you to meet individually with your mentees at least twice a semester. 
  • Be available via email or text with a 24-hour response window except on weekends.
  • Attend a campus event with your mentees.
  • Share your experience about the program, courses, etc (e.g., what to expect in the semesters/years ahead).
  • Adapt your support to the needs of your mentees, which may depend on academic, social, national and other backgrounds and prior experience.
  • Support your mentees with developing on-campus connections (introduce them to student organizations, volunteer opportunities, and other students in your major)
  • Check in on your mentee’s morale and academic progress/goals

Mentors have access to all Stempower learning sessions and company engagements. 

Become a Mentor

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"The meetings were always very uplifting, and they helped to validate and overcome many fears and concerns that I hold as a woman in STEM. It was great to have a program geared specifically towards women, as our experience and challenges in the workforce are different." - 2021 – 2022 Participant