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    Software Applications & Systems Development

    The software applications and systems development (SASD) program combines software programming and software design from the computer science (CS) program with business analysis and project planning from the information systems (IS) program. Our SASD program’s strength is in the liberal arts tradition – students receive broad exposure to other disciplines while obtaining a solid foundation in developing software applications and systems. Our program adheres to the latest curriculum guidelines for software engineering. A distinctive feature is a requirement for students to minor in another academic discipline.

    A significant difference between the SASD and CS programs is in the mathematics requirement. The SASD program requires a student to take either Mathematics for Business Majors (MTH 120) or Brief Calculus (MTH 122) while the CS program requires a student to take Calculus I (MTH 145). A significant difference between the SASD and IS programs is that the SASD program requires a student to earn a minor in any academic discipline, while the IS program requires a student to take the Business core courses (which is similar to earning a minor in business administration).

    Ask a software engineer about their job and they'll likely mention the cool stuff - developing new apps, discovering defects in code, or designing a new feature into an existing app. What is often not talked about are the activities that lead to the cool stuff - presenting a prototype of a new app, documenting test results, discussing a new feature with a domain expert, or writing a software specification. The SASD program will help you develop the skills necessary to effectively communicate your ideas to others, to appreciate the diversity of roles needed when developing complex software systems, and to perform the technical work that is more directly associated with applications and systems development.

    Degree Options for SASD Majors @ Le Moyne

    The College offers the following degree options:

    • Bachelor of Arts in Software Applications and Systems Development
    • Bachelor of Science in Software Applications and Systems Development

    Curriculum Details on the Major

    All SASD majors take 6 required CS courses and 4 required IS courses. Students must take 2 other courses in either CS or IS. Additional requirements include a Math course, a two-course sequence in a foreign language and completing a minor in another discipline. See the Le Moyne College catalog for a complete description of the requirements to earn a B.A. or B.S. in SASD.

    Student Learning Goals
    Le Moyne College expects its software engineering graduates to:
    1. Demonstrate critical thinking skills, apply problem solving techniques, and construct various software artifacts as prescribed by a software development process.
    2. Be prepared for continued growth as a computing professional, are able to apply what they have learned, and can communicate their knowledge to others in an ethically responsible manner.
    3. Be prepared to work individually or in a collaborative environment.

    Job Prospects

    About 85% of our graduates have started a job within 3 months of graduating. All of these jobs have been in either CNY or in Upstate NY. Le Moyne's Office of Career Advising and Development can help you identify employment opportunities. The following websites may also be useful.

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • ACM Career & Job Center
  • Computing Degrees & Careers
  • Careers @
  • Jobs @

  • Local Central NY Careers
  • CNY Developers Meetup
  • Job Postings
  • Syracuse Craigs List

    Get in Touch

    Contact the Program Director:

    David Voorhees


    (315) 445-4372


    Contact the Program:

    Reilly Hall 235
    Le Moyne College
    1419 Salt Springs Road
    Syracuse, NY 13214


    (315) 445-4100


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