For 450 years theatre has been a fundamental component of Jesuit education. Since the founding of Le Moyne College in 1946, students from all majors and disciplines have participated in theatre, and more recently, dance. Theatre majors have the opportunity to double major in other disciplines such as English Literature, Peace and Global Studies, Creative Writing, Political Science and many more!

Educating the Whole Artist is the driving force for our program where students are trained in acting, design, and technical skills. We produce three faculty directed shows a year in addition to two (and frequently more!) student directed projects. Our students are empowered and encouraged to take the reins of many academic and professional projects throughout the year. Any student involved in this program experiences the rich, collaborative and joyous nature of theatre art. We hope you will join us!

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Macbeth: In Concert

Monday, April 30th, 2018 - Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018


Boot and Buskin Theatre and the Le Moyne College Symphony orchestra team up for a new concert version of Shakespeare's dark and menacing tale of power, ambition, and the evil that lurks beneath the surface in the original Game of Thrones.

For tickets and more information call 315-445-4200, or visit lemoyne.edu/vpa.



Productions are open to all students at the college, with many opportunities for majors and non-majors to participate each year: three mainstage faculty-directed productions and three student-run productions in our black box theatre.


Le Moyne Theatre students are honing their craft and showing their skills around the world! With opportunities to train and perform in Italy, England, and Ireland, Dolphins are making a splash on stages across the globe. Le Moyne College's Matt Chiorini worked with Le Moyne students and alumni to create the internationally successful Orson Welles/Shylock. The story of Orson Welles and his many unsuccessful attempts to play the role of Shylock.


Applied Theatre is a class held in the Spring semester at Le Moyne College which gives students a chance to interact with the community. They create and lead a series of theatre games and tasks to involve, educate and inspire.

Meet the Faculty

The theatre faculty are engaged and attentive mentor/teachers as well as working professional artists and scholars. Our Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival award-winning theatre program and faculty offer students a broad-based theatre arts curriculum with ample opportunity for faculty/student collaboration and individual specialized mentorship.


Matt Chiorini

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Karel Blakeley

Karel Blakeley

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Lindsey Quay Sikes

Lindsey Quay Sikes

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Boot & Buskin

Founded in 1949, Boot and Buskin is the oldest theatre group on campus and is the primary vehicle for student theatrical activity. There are three mainstage faculty-directed productions each year and participation is open students in all majors. A student staff of 10-12 provide management and technical support to these shows as well as for other events.


Major Arcana was organized in 1984 by students interested in producing their own theatrical season. All Major Arcana productions are directed and designed by students and often student-written. This group typically produces three shows per year as well as sponsoring an assortment of creative events and workshops.


Work with the Le Moyne college and greater Syracuse communities to use the arts as a vehicle for social change. Theatre in the Community club operates in service of the freedom of artistic expression, creativity and diversity while seeking to contribute to affect meaningful change in the community.


Take part in an entirely student-led troupe creating improvised and devised performances and projects that foster an atmosphere in which individuals from all backgrounds and levels of experience can collaborate to create original, innovative performances and experimental works.

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For more information about upcoming theatre events, concerts, performances, activities, and other opportunities, join us for our weekly Arts Assembly Meetings every Friday afternoon each semester at 4:00pm in the 219 classroom at the Performing Arts Center (PAC). For details, please call (315) 445-4523.

On the stage

The primary responsibility of the Le Moyne College Theatre Arts program is to provide effective instruction to students in theatre arts within the liberal-arts environment and Jesuit tradition of Le Moyne. This instruction includes experiences to promote creativity, theatrical artistry, intellectual growth, and personal development. A further responsibility is to lead students in the production of vivid theatrical events for the Le Moyne and surrounding communities that engage audiences in the range, vitality, and contributions of the theatre to the issues of both society and the individual.  

Putnam County Spelling Bee

Central to the mission of Le Moyne College is the commitment to the education of the whole person, with the visual and performing arts playing a significant role in endowing our students with a strong sense of leadership, initiative and the spirit of inquiry. The unique and dynamic culture within our Theatre Program and the Performing Arts Center encourages and rewards a sense of adventure and an exuberant yet disciplined approach to creative expression. The core of our theatre work therefore lies in consistently providing students with opportunities to learn their craft by introducing fundamental foundations of theatre arts, to plant the seeds of this foundation in unaccustomed earth through the trial and error of experimentation, and to ultimately make the cognitive and experiential leaps that will result in successful implementation of these creative works for an audience. Through the tripartite processes of Foundation, Experimentation, and Implementation, the Theatre Arts program at Le Moyne allows our students to mature and develop in a way that best suits them as individuals, and ultimately provides them with a myriad of potential post-graduate outcomes as creative artists and proactive leaders.

a. FOUNDATIONS. Students will acquire the fundamentals and foundations of performance, design, theatre history, and the elements of playmaking in a variety of experiential and theoretical ways.
b. EXPERIMENTATION. Students will “risk, fail, and risk again” through many opportunities for rigorous hands-on exploration of and experimentation with the fundamental techniques, methods, and concepts they have learned.
c. IMPLEMENTATION. Students will develop the skills necessary to articulate and implement their creative vision in performance, design, and collaborative creation of works of theater in a safe and supportive environment.

In order to break the rules, practitioners must first have a solid grasp of them. All theatre program students will acquire and develop a wide variety of basic introductory concepts as the first step towards greater mastery of the craft.

Experimentation offers students in the Theatre Program the opportunity to stretch their understanding of theatrical fundamentals in new and often unexpected directions and a richer long-term educational experience. Through the trial and error of experimentation, students will gain the opportunity to connect the fundamental dots themselves and to organically generate their own idiosyncratic, creative problem-solving techniques.

Public performances or presentations are the opportunity to put into practice both the foundations and the results of the experimentation and are, quite simply, the apotheosis of our program. Through a variety of performances and presentations, theatre students are given the opportunity to test both their understanding of the fundamentals and the knowledge they’ve gained through various experiments in and out of the classroom. The exhilarating pressure introduced by the prospect of an audience necessitates an increased amount of focus, attention to detail, and care for the work. The pressure of constantly performing, presenting, and implementing the skills learned in their classes and in productions across the four years of the theatre major will encourage bold risk taking, take the sting out of failure, make practical the theoretical, prepare students to boldly present creative work to be shared outside of the comfort of the academy, and provide teachers and students with the oldest evaluative resource in the theatre: an audience.

To that end, the theatre program incorporates the following Student Learning Objectives into our assessment procedures:

  1. Students will create effective and well-prepared performances for a variety of audiences.
  2. Students will create effective and well-prepared designs for theatrical productions.
  3. Students will articulate the function and purpose of theatre in its historical and social context.
  4. Students will produce fully-realized performances, designs, and productions that are aesthetically meaningful and collaboratively prepared.
  5. Students will access relevant and meaningful information according to the professional standards in the field of theatre.
In the classroom

If you would like to learn more about courses, requirements, and opportunities for the Theatre Arts major or Theatre Arts minor, please see the Le Moyne College catalog.

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Theatre arts students can double the benefits of a well-rounded liberal arts education by pursuing a dual major in any of these programs: Communication Computer Science English (concentrate in literature or creative writing) History Peace and Global Studies Philosophy Political Science Psychology Spanish French

Students interested in pursuing a dual major should contact the Director of Theatre Arts for more information.


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