Why Risk Management?

From climate change, to global pandemics, to terror and cybersecurity attacks, risk is everywhere. It can’t be avoided, but it can and should be managed effectively. In fact, being able to respond strategically to risk is increasingly valuable. Large multinational corporations rely on experts in risk management to safeguard their supply chains during extreme weather events. Schools count on them to protect their students and staff in public health crises. And small nonprofit organizations depend upon these professionals to secure their donors’ sensitive financial information. Given the hazards and opportunities now facing humanity, there may never be a better time to study risk management than today.

Risk Management at Le Moyne

As a minor in risk management, you will gain an overall understanding of this critical and dynamic field. You will become familiar with risk identification and analysis, risk evaluation, and various approaches for treating and mitigating risk. But more than that, you will learn to build relationships, to work well under pressure, and to respond to rapidly changing environments. Most important, you will discover how to make ethical decisions and model socially responsible leadership in a world in which both are sorely needed. And those are the skills that will truly differentiate you from others, and help you to stand out.

The curriculum for the minor was carefully designed by experts in risk management and insurance and offers you flexibility in your professional options – from working for a corporate, nonprofit or government entities.

Organizations across the globe are facing increasing levels of uncertainty resulting from expansion into new markets; new and innovative product and solution offerings; rapidly changing technological innovations; the need to address environmental sustainability; the continuing threat of cybersecurity attacks; and other growing complexities. Most recently, the world is experiencing many dangerous impacts of a global pandemic, including the effects that it has on people, businesses, and the overall economy. Organizational leaders understand the value of professionals who understand how to respond strategically to these challenges and effectively manage risks.

McNeil Academy

The McNeil Academy was established at Le Moyne College through a generous donation from the McNeil family, who are alumni and outstanding supporters of the College. Their vision is to develop and oversee a world-class Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) program curriculum that emphasizes the importance ethics and socially responsible leadership play not only in RMI, but in one’s overall professional and personal life. The McNeil Academy provides students with the opportunity to work closely with faculty, alumni and business partners to gain knowledge and experience in managing risks in today’s complex world; to understand the educational benefits and career opportunities that come with pursuing a degree or minoring in RMI; and to obtain research and experiential learning opportunities through internships and through opportunities to assist organizations, including not-for-profits, with risk management related services.

Employing Le Moyne Grads

Every company in every industry, from the financial industry to health care to transportation to government, needs to manage risk and understand insurance. Here are just few examples of these opportunities:

  • Insurance
  • Financial services
  • Banks
  • Mutual funds
  • Accounting
  • Consulting
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities
  • Social Media
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Government

Average salary in the insurance industry with 5 years experience or less can be as high as $91,000

"We’re experiencing the effects that a pandemic has on people, businesses, and the overall economy, which risk managers will have to respond."