A. Todd Franklin, Ph.D., will sketch a sense of the art of the cultural physician and foreground a figure scarcely considered a friend of the racially oppressed in an effort to demonstrate how Nietzsche’s philosophy ironically serves as a helpful framework for conceptualizing fundamental aspects of critical race theory.

Dr. Franklin is Christian A. Johnson Professor of Teaching Excellence and Professor of Africana Studies and Philosophy at Hamilton College. His research focuses on the existential, social, and political implications of various critical and transformative discourses aimed at cultivating individual and collective self-realizatioA. Todd Fra n. He teaches courses on existentialism, Nietzsche, and critical cultural studies; and he is a past recipient of the Class of 1963 Excellence in Teaching Award. The author of several scholarly works on the social and political import of various forms of existential enlightenment, Franklin is also the co-editor of a volume titled Critical Affinities: Reflections on the Convergence between Nietzsche and African American Thought.