We knew it wouldn’t last. Those Millennials who brought us digital everything have grown up, and are nearing 40. They have taken their places in our world in leadership and management, and have proven all the tech we thought was distracting was actually a tool to change the world.

And here we go again. Generation Z – a.k.a. iGen – has arrived. Born around 2000, they are true digital natives, raised in an instant everything world. Constantly connected, they are emerging from their helicopter parents as technologically capable and interpersonally savvy, with a ‘do it yourself' mindset, and so much more.

Join Renée Downey Hart, Ph.D. from the Madden School of Business as she introduces you to early research on our next generation, and what we can expect as employers, parents and colleagues. Dr. Hart is Professor of Practice at the Madden School of Business at Le Moyne College. Prior to joining the faculty nine years ago, she was a partner in the firm of Eagle Consultants in Syracuse, an international organizational development firm based in Syracuse. She has been praised for her interactive style and ability to bring research into reality. Her years of consulting from the Silicon Valley to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt (and parenting four children) offer her wonderful vantage points from which to explore this exciting topic.

Participants are welcome to attend the live broadcast.