Preparing for Arrival

Once you have been accepted to attend Le Moyne and the College has issued your Form I-20, you will be emailed a lot of additional information. This outlines the immigration process that you will undergo in obtaining a US student visa. It is very important that you read this information carefully prior to obtaining an interview with the US consulate or embassy.

Like all other countries of the world, the US has regulations governing the stay of foreigners within its boundaries. These rules are complex and change regularly. Le Moyne College international students are responsible for knowing the regulations regarding their particular immigration status. However the office assists students in understanding immigration guidelines and maintaining records of all F-1 nonimmigrant students at the college in order to monitor immigration compliance. It is crucial that you maintain a strong working relationship with the office staff. All new students studying at Le Moyne with an F-1 visa must check-in with the Office of Global Education during the first week of each classes. In addition, students will also be required to submit their online SEVIS registration every semester. Failure to do so may cause you to fall out of status. Questions regarding visa status can be directed to the Office of Global Education at globaleducation@lemoyne.edu

Arrival Information

Upon arriving to Le Moyne, you will be welcomed to campus and assisted throughout many steps to aid you in your transition. Most college offices are open Monday-Friday from 8:30 am -4:30 pm when classes are in session. Please contact the Office of Global Education at 315-445-4597 to give them information detailing your anticipated arrival. If you need assistance when the offices are closed, please contact Le Moyne’s Security Office at 315-445-4444.

  • Airport Pick-up- New students flying into the Hancock International Airport in Syracuse will be met at the airport and driven to Le Moyne by a college representative as long as the incoming student has given the Office for Academic Advising and Support their itinerary at least one week in advance.
  • Office of Global Education or Office for Academic Advising and Support- Once you have had an opportunity to get settled in, you should go to the Office for Academic Advising and Support in Reilly Hall room 342 to notify them of your safe arrival. At that time, the office staff will make photocopies of your I-20, passport, visa and I-94.
  • Campus Life and Leadership- After visiting the Office of Global Education located within the Office for Academic Advising and Support, you will visit the Office of Campus Life and Leadership in the Campus Center to obtain your new college ID card. The ID card will be used to access your campus housing, get meals if you purchase a meal plan, check out library books, and many other things.