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Continuing Education Admission

Applying for Adult Admission

The Center for Continuing Education assists students over the age of 24 by assessing their academic backgrounds, assisting with educational planning, and guiding them through the appropriate admissions process. Students may pursue a bachelor's degree--either part-time or full-time, in any major--or they may pursue a certificate program.

Adult students may prefer to take courses on a non-matriculated (NM), part-time basis without making application to the college. Others who wish to apply, but do not meet the admission requirements, may be offered the option of NM status to work toward matriculation.

NM part-time students may take up to 11 credit hours per semester and are eligible to apply for matriculation/admission after completion of 9-18 credit hours.   

Center for Continuing Education
NEW! RN to BS in Nursing: A Collaboration Between St. Joseph's Hospital and Le Moyne College

Are you a working adult who would like to enhance your position by pursuing a degree or certificate? Have you been away from school for a time, but have decided to finish a degree? Are you a veteran, or the dependent of a veteran, interested in using G.I. Bill® educational benefits? Are you, or is your child, a high school student who would like to take college-level courses?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you've come to the right place! Le Moyne's College's Center for Continuing Education offers:

  • Evening degrees
  • Certificate programs
  • A "Success for Veterans" Program, including a point-of-contact for servicemembers, veterans, and dependents
  • Science courses for individuals interested in fulfilling prerequsites for a new career in the medical field
  • Post-Baccalaureate opportunities
  • Preparation courses for the Certified Professional (CP) and Senior Certified Professional (SCP)Certification Exams
  • Opportunities for professional and personal enrichment through audited or credit-bearing classes
  • The Summer Scholars program for high school students, held on Le Moyne's beautiful campus
Evening Degrees

The Center for Continuing Education's mission is to offer students of all ages the opportunity to pursue life-long learning in the Jesuit tradition. The college recognizes that some adult learners can only attend evening classes because of the demands of career, family, and home. The following degree programs can be completed in the evening:

Creative Writing
Education - Teacher Certification
English Literature

You are, of course, welcome to select a course of study from any one of Le Moyne College's majors, but some programs may require daytime coursework.


Certificate Programs

Le Moyne’s certificate programs are designed to help you gain a competitive edge by allowing you to demonstrate expertise in a particular field. Certificate programs are offered in human resource management, accountancy, and information technology. Classes are offered in the evenings to accommodate your work schedule. In addition, you can apply credits earned in a certificate program to a bachelor's degree at Le Moyne; classes from our accredited programming will also transfer to most other colleges and universities. Most programs are completed in three to five semesters.

Professional Development Courses

In addition to certificate programs, Le Moyne also offers professional development courses for teachers and human resources professionals. Le Moyne also offers customized professional development courses and training modules for individual corporations.


Auditing Courses

If you’ve already got a degree and just enjoy learning, why not audit a course? Students who audit courses are generally exempt from assignments and examinations (requirements vary depending on the class). Explore a new discipline, or just quench your thirst for knowledge! Please visit our costs page to see the applicable rates for auditing a course.


For more information, or to set up an appointment, please contact us today!

Le Moyne College
Center for Continuing Education
210 Grewen Hall
(315) 445-4141


GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. department of Veteran Affairs (VA) More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website:

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NM students MUST apply for matriculation after 18 credit hours have been completed. In addition, they must meet these admission requirements:

  • A 2.6 cumulative G.P.A. (for most programs.)
  • Proficiency in English, mathematics and the intended area of study.
  • One course from the core and one course from the intended major are required.
  • If the intended major requires mathematics, a math course may be required.
  • Three or more years of college preparatory mathematics or college-level algebra.

*Students who are not accepted for admission or who do not intend to matriculate after cmpleting 18 credit hours will be prohibited from registering for additional courses unless they obtain written approval from the director of Continuing Education. Students whose previous academic record indicates that they will be unable to meet the criteria for matriculation may be prohibited from registering for classes. The Continuing Education staff assists students with the transition to Le Moyne College by providing an adult orientation program prior to each fall and spring semester.

From Soldier to Teacher

"Le Moyne offered a great support system for veterans like me and tuned out to be a great match overall." - Yolanda Flowers '12, Department of Education

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