Center for Continuing Education

The center works with military veterans and all part-time nonmatriculated students, including students for specific high school programs, post-baccalaureate students making career changes, certificate programs, summer sessions and students interested in course work for personal development. Academic advising and course registration, admission of nonmatriculated students and college orientations are offered through the center for all nontraditional students. Noncredit professional development and personal enrichment courses are offered to the community and alumni. Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 8:30-5:30 and Friday 8:30- 4:30. Evening hours are available for working adults.

Patricia Bliss


Jennifer Reddy

Assistant Director/Veteran Coordinator

Kathryn Mokay

Office Coordinator

To learn about our academic offerings, or if you would like to e-mail us for more information, please follow the links below:
Center for Continuing Education