Student Senate Goals 08-09

“House of Representatives”: Requirements for being an actual club (i.e. certain amount of members, certain number of events) and service requirements from each club

Library Hours and/or student lounge 24 hr access

Be a vocal voice at meetings

Reach out to the senior class and hear their voice

Participate in senate activities

Push for the library to be open longer

Limit the amount of clubs for funding purposes

Lights on campus at night

More club sports, such as track or cross country

More activities on the weekends to keep lower classmen from wanting to go home

Try to get freshman as involved as possible in campus activities

Seek out opinions from sophomores and encourage them to tell me what they want more from our college

Make sure student senate is involved in campus activities including getting familiar with faculty members

Refine the Le Moyne College Student Handbook. It is my understanding that the policy has not had a serious overhaul in over a decade. I believe that we can “get the ball rolling so to speak” to make the policy fair to students and more fair for security and RA’s alike to enforce

Find a suitable use for the Foery basement

Continue the hype about the parking situation in the heights and the view

Get as much planned and funded for senior week as possible

Spread the word about Senior Gift, what it is and how we can help

More LSPB publicity towards seniors, more upper-class attendance

Have a better dialogue with the students we represent

Make a change on campus that students need and appreciate

El Progreso is to work along side with other clubs on campus and form networks with other colleges

Increase attendance at sporting events

More involved in the community

Make it easier to live off campus (Shuttles, student life “off campus”)

More cohesion between LSPB and student senate