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    Welcoming our Newest Dolphins!

    Heading to the Heights

    Welcome New Le Moyne Students!

    New First-year Students: As a member of the Class of 2021, you will be invited to take part in Heading to the Heights, our comprehensive orientation program that prepares you for life at Le Moyne. You will first choose a one day Summer Welcome session in June to help you complete the "business" of becoming a College Student.  During this day, students will meet with a faculty member from their major department, complete required placement exams, and meet many of their new classmates. Students will leave Summer Welcome armed with their tentative fall course schedule, Le Moyne ID and information that will connect them to their peer orientation leaders throughout the summer. Students will complete their orientation experience by being welcomed to campus for a three-day Fall Arrival. This required program will include several days of welcome events and introduction to life at Le Moyne before sophomores, juniors and seniors arrive.

    Heading to the Heights:  First-year Student Guide: Download Now | Read Online

    New Transfer Students: As a new transfer student entering Le Moyne in Fall 2017, you will participate in “Connecting to Campus” events throughout the summer. This welcome program is tailored to the needs of the transfer student - to answer the questions of students who are transferring to Le Moyne from another institution.

    Coming Soon:
    Heading to the Heights: A Guide for New Transfer Students

    All Students: Whether you come to us as a new first year student or a new transfer student, you are soon to be a Dolphin and we put a lot of attention into welcoming you to the pod. We have developed an online resource to help you prepare for your arrival. During this online preparation, known as O.A.R.S. (online advance registration system), students will reserve their place at Summer Welcome (for first-year students) and Express Registration (for transfer students). In addition to selecting a session, you will also be able to complete your housing survey, verify your major, enroll in a learning community (first-year students), and provide background information about yourself and your major interests.

    Questions about Orientation?
    Please call the Office for Academic Advising and Support at 315.445.4597

    Save the Date:

    New First Year Students

    Summer Welcome:

    Dates to be announced soon.

    Fall Arrival:
    Dates to be announced soon.


    New Transfer Students

    Connecting to Campus:

    Saturday, January 21, 2017

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