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Campus Security (315-445-4444)

The primary function of the Campus Security is to offer an environment conducive to personal and academic development for students, staff and faculty through service and prevention. The office strives to achieve these goals through conspicuous and covert patrol, ethical and professional investigative procedures, education of the public and constant training of department personnel.

It is the philosophy of Le Moyne College to prevent crimes from occurring, rather than react to them after the fact. A way to accomplish this goal is through the crime prevention program at the College. This program is designed to eliminate or minimize criminal opportunities, whenever possible, and encourage students and employees to be responsible for their own safety as well as the security of the others. The following is a the listing of the crime prevention programs and projects used by Le Moyne College:

  1. Escort Program: An escort service is offered between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m., seven days a week, for persons going between all Le Moyne College-owned properties.
  2. New Student Orientation: A crime prevention presentation accompanied by brochures and other printed material, are made available to all new students during orientation weekend.
  3. Campus Watch Program: Crime prevention and safety presentations, accompanied by brochures and other printed material, are made to resident and commuter students.
  4. Security Surveys: Comprehensive inspections of exterior lighting, exterior doors and grounds are conducted by the director of campus security each year.
  5. Operation Identification: The engraving of serial numbers or owner numbers on items of value takes place at a designated time and place on campus.
  6. Crime Prevention Publicity: Crime prevention articles and materials are routinely published in the weekly campus newspaper.
  7. Rape Awareness, Education and Prevention: In cooperation with the Student Life Development and the Center for Personal Growth and Counseling, presentations are made each year to the members of the campus community to promote their awareness of rape, acqauintance rape, and other forceable and non-forceable sex offenses.




Please have the following information ready:

  • Your Name
  • Your Present Location
  • Number where you can be contacted
  • Nature of incident or emergency
  • Location of incident or emergency
  • Information of party(s) involved
  • Who they are (description)
  • What was their role
  • When did it happen
  • Where they were/are
  • Why they did it (if known)
  • How they did it (if known)
  • Any other important information
Information about off-campus emergencies can be relayed to any Le Moyne College faculty, staff or student by calling: (315) 445-4444


Parking Regulations, Registration and Costs

Le Moyne College extends to its students and employees the privilege of parking on campus. That privilege brings with it the responsibility to adhere to all parking regulations. All vehicles parked on the Le Moyne College Campus must have a valid parking permit or they will be ticketed. It is imperative that vehicles be parked in the proper areas for pedestrian and vehicular safety. Individuals receiving a ticket for a parking violation must go to: to pay or appeal the ticket. Parking tickets cannot be paid at the Security Office.

Because of the severe winter conditions, it may become necessary for all students to remove their vehicles from parking lots when requested for snow removal (a 24-hour notice will be given). Vehicles that are not removed may be ticketed and towed. The College is not responsible for vandalism or theft from vehicles.

Student Vehicle Registration
All students; resident, commuter, part time and graduate, must register their vehicle’s . The registration process is done online at: Students should have their vehicle registration, student I.D. and credit card available when registering online to ensure accurate information. In addition to the fee outlined below, a $5.95 processing fee will also be charged, regardless if the permit is purchased online or in person at Campus Security.

Resident Student Fees:
First-year student                              $300/year
Second-year student                          $200/year
Third-year student +                          $100/year

Commuter Student Fee:
Commuter Students                           $50/year
Additional student permits or replacement permits can only be purchased in person, at the Security Office, located in the basement of Nelligan Hall, Monday - Friday, between 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. The fee for an additional permit or replacement permit is $10.00.

Faculty/Staff Vehicle Registration

All employees of Le Moyne College are required to have a valid parking permit.  Parking permits can be obtained by going online to: The first permit is free. Additional permits can be obtained for $10 on the parking website. When registering your vehicle please have your vehicle registration, Le Moyne I.D. and credit card (second permit only) available to ensure proper registration.

Resident Student Parking
Resident student parking is lot specific as outlined below. You must park in the lot designated on your parking permit. The only exception are Lots A & AA, which are valid for any vehicle displaying a valid parking permit.
Lot-D  Upper class resident parking for Foery, Dablon and Nelligan Hall students
Lot-E  Harrison Hall/St. Mary's resident student parking &
     * All Freshmen parking 
     * Sophomore parking for Mitchell Hall & Townhouse resident students 
Lot-G  Junior & Senior parking for Townhouse/Mitchell Hall resident students only
Lot-L  Le Moyne Heights student parking     
Commuter Student  Parking Lots

Commuter students have three primary parking lots to park in:
Lot-A   (in front of the Recreation Center)
Lot-AA (behind the Recreation Center)
Lot-C   (behind the Campus Center)
Overflow (directly behind Athletic Center) 

Freshmen Resident Parking

Le Moyne College does permit freshmen to have a registered vehicle on campus. However,  all freshmen resident students, regardless of resident hall assignment, are required to park in Lot-E (Harrison Hall/St. Mary's Lot).  

Prohibited Student Parking

Student parking is not allowed in any of our reserved parking lots at any time (including breaks and summer):
Lot "B" (behind Reilly Hall)
Lot "F" (front of Grewen & Coyne Science)
Lot "P" (next to the Panasci Family Chapel)
Circle in front of Mitchell Hal
Circle in front of Grewen Hall
No parking is allowed in the circle of the new science building for any reason.

Faculty and staff may park in the following lots:
Lot-A   (in front of the Recreation Center) 
Lot-AA (behind the Recreation Center
Lot-C   (behind the Campus Center 
Overflow  (directly behind Athletic Center)

Reserved Faculty/Staff lots: Lot-B (behind Reilly Hall), Lot-F (front of Coyne Science) and Lot-P (next to the Chapel) are all reserved parking lots, which require a lot specific hanging tag, in addition to a current parking permit.

Visitor Parking
Certain parking areas are reserved  to allow the College to accommodate the needs of visitors to campus. These areas are identified by signs and are "tow-away zones" for violating vehicles. All visitors must register their vehicles at the Security Office. Visitors having business with the College will be instructed by security personnel which parking  lot to park in.

Temporary Parking Permits
Temporary parking permits are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the Security Office, located in the basement of Nelligan Hall. The cost is $3 per day, which must be paid in cash or check at the time the temporary permit is issued by security. 

The $3 per day fee applies to students and their guests. All guests of students bringing a vehicle on campus are required to obtain a temporary parking permit at the Security Office. Student guests will be instructed which lot to park in by security personnel when the temporary permit is issued and cannot park in any other lot.
* Temporary parking permits expire at midnight of each day.
* Temporary parking permits are not transferable. 
* Temporary parking permit forms may be filled out prior to coming to the Security Office and are available online on the security website.

Handicap Parking
Vehicles displaying valid handicap permits will be allowed to park any designated handicap parking spaces on campus. Violators of handicapped parking spaces may be subject to immediate towing and a $50 fine for the first offense and a $75 fine for the second offense.

Parking permits for the 2015-16 academic year will be available online beginning Aug. 1, 2015 at:

All faculty/staff need new permits this year; please follow these steps to obtain your new permit:
1.   Go to:
2.   Returning users enter “User Name” and “Password”
3.   New Users Click on: "BUY PERMIT"
4.   Enter your college I.D. # (# directly above your name, last (7) seven #'s only!)
5.   Enter your last name
6.   Site will show  what permit you are pre-approved for. If it is correct click on "ADD ITEM"
7.   Follow the prompts
8.   If mailing the permit to Le Moyne: enter your residence hall and room number or office location
9.  Before exiting the site remember to print a temporary permit
10. The actual parking permit will arrive in the mail in 7-10 days

Questions should be directed to Campus Security at 445-4444.

General Parking Information
1.  Parking permits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
2.  All vehicles (student, employees, visitors & guests) must be parked in assigned parking lots, with the parking permit properly affixed to the driver's side back window.
3.  Vehicles that are parked in any campus lot without a valid parking permit will be ticketed. After three violations, the vehicle may be towed at the owner's expense.
4.  Any student who receives parking tickets and does not pay them will not be allowed to register for classes for the next semester. Seniors will not receive their final transcripts.
5.  From time to time it may be necessary for the College to change parking regulations or areas to meet certain safety conditions. It is the student’s responsibility to keep informed of such changes.
6.  No overnight parking is allowed in Lot "F" -  the front of Grewen Hall, Reilly Hall, the Science Center, Nelligan Hall or the Mitchell Hall circle.
7.  Lot "P" (next to Panasci Chapel) is open from 6:00 am - midnight.  Any vehicles found in Lot "P" after midnight will be towed at the owner’s expense.


Upon receipt of a ticket, the following fines automatically will be levied and should be paid at
1.  No permit displayed: Failure to register automobile with the security office: First offense — $25, Second offense — $30, Third offense — $40 and towing of car at owner’s expense. Any additional offenses will result in towing and a $40 fine.
2.  Parking violations for registered vehicles: First offense — $20, Second offense — $25, Third offense — $25 and towing of car at owner’s expense. Any additional offenses, whether the above violations are paid or not, will result in towing and a $25 fine.
3.  Parking in a designated handicapped space:
First offense — $50, Second offense — $75
4.  Driving violations: Each offense — $50,  Three or more offenses will result in loss of driving privileges on campus.

There will be a $10.00 surcharge for any DMV license plate check. This will be added to the student's bill. Late fees are accessed when a ticket goes unpaid.

Ticket violations will be accumulated over the entire school year. For example, if a student receives two tickets the first semester and pays them, the next ticket issued will be counted as the third ticket for purposes of fines and towing.


The towing of an automobile from campus will be restricted, whenever possible, to repeated violations as described above and for emergency situations such as blocked fire lanes, fire hydrants, roadways, parked in a handicap space or for preventing snow removal.

Ticket Appeal Process

A student may appeal a ticket within 15 days of issuance (date of ticket) to the Parking Appeals Committee by going to the Web site at: An email confirmation will be sent confirming receipt of the appeal.  When the Parking Appeals Committee has reviewed the appeal and rendered a decision an email will be sent with the Appeals Committee decision. The Appeals Committee is made up of three students and the Committee's decision is binding and final. Appeals will not be accepted after 15 days. Faculty/Staff can not appeal a ticket.

Paying For A Ticket

To avoid further penalties and resolve the citation, you must pay the fine indicated on the front of the ticket within 15 days from the date the ticket was issued. To pay, go online to or mail the ticket, along with a check or money order to SCAPAY - P.O. Box 2358, Santa Barbara, CA  93120-2358. A $20.00 late fee will be added to all tickets not paid within 15 days.


Billing for unpaid tickets over 30 days old will be sent periodically to the bursar’s office for posting to the appropriate student account. Non-student’s unpaid tickets will be forwarded to an outside vendor after 30 days for collection.


Campus Shuttles

Campus Shuttle Service travels throughout campus, transporting students to and from college-owned properties. The shuttle van begins each evening at 6:00 p.m. and ends at 2:00 a.m. The van starts at the top and bottom of each hour from the front of Harrison/St. Mary's. Look for your shuttle information in the lobby of all resident halls or call the Security Office at 445-4444 for additional information.

Security Personnel
Title Name
Vice President for Student Development Dr. Deborah Cady Melzer
Director Mark Petterelli
Sergeant Jack Lawton
Sergeant Stepehn Bear
Sergeant John Haskell
Officer Albert Moore
Officer Jason Wallace
Officer Francis Clark
Officer Richard Bailey
Officer David Sweeney
Officer William Esposito
Officer Scott Cooper
Officer Peter Nagle
Officer Katie Young
Officer Alan Overend
Officer Patrick Naylor
Officer Ann Park
Officer Charizma Moody
Officer Ziad Hussein
Administrative Assistant Chelsey Taylor