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    Welcome to Information Technology

    Information Technology supports the campus technology needs of our students, faculty and staff. We support the administrative systems of the college, instructional computing, campus residential network, technology user support, plus hardware and software. We pride ourselves on providing the infrastructure, applications and services that are vital to the operation and mission of the College.

    Computing Environment at Le Moyne College

    All students are provided free accounts which allow them to access the campus network, Email, the College’s Learning Management System, as well as applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and a variety of discipline specific software. They also have access to the Internet and to the College’s library catalog. Each residence hall room is wired for access to the campus residential computing network.

    Public Facilities

    If you don’t have your own computer, don’t worry. Most students find that it’s convenient to access one on campus. Le Moyne has public computing facilities in both academic and residential locations containing over three hundred computers and 30 public laser printers. All public printers are accessible for printing from students personal computers via wireless connection.

    Network/Wireless Access

    Le Moyne provides a free high-speed ethernet connection for each student living in the residence halls and other campus housing (one connection per student up to the designated capacity of the room). Students are required to register their computer with Information Technology via a simple web-based procedure.

    In addition, Le Moyne provides secure wireless coverage in all campus buildings, including the residential halls. Students will need their campus UserID and password in order to connect to the College’s wireless network.



    Each student is provided with 25MB of storage space on a network server that can be accessed from any computer on our network. This server is backed up each day and is a very reliable place to store your documents and files.

    In addition to the 25MB on Le Moyne's server, students now have unlimited storage through Google Drive. Everyone with a Le Moyne Gmail account has access to this service and is available whenever one is logged in via the the Google drive link.

    Bringing a Computer to Campus
    If you bring your own computer to campus, we've prepared some guidelines and recommendations for you (click on any title to read more). As always, if you have questions you'd like to talk about, call the IT Service Desk at (315) 445-4579 or email

    Get Discounts on a New Computer

    Students can also purchase a computer from Apple, HP or Dell. See below for complete details.

    What if I Need Help?

    Support for students' personal computers is limited to the connection to the campus network, assistance in removing malware and the software described above. Other technical support and service issues ( including hardware, Operating Systems, etc.) for students will need to be contracted independently by outside vendors.

    In the event that students experience difficulty connecting to the campus network, or in the event that their computer becomes infected with a virus, or if they have general questions regarding any of the supported software above, they should contact the Technology Service Desk at 315-445-4579, via e-mail at, via the Service Desk Portal at, via twitter @LMCInfoTech or by visiting us in the Noreen Reale Falcone Library.

    Computer Hardware & Software Recommendations

    Current Offers and Discounts

    Dell and Apple have educational pricing to ensure that students are getting competitively priced computers that meet or exceed the campus minimum recommended configurations. Computer offerings and prices reflected on those sites represent manufacturers offerings and are subject to change without notice. Computers are ordered directly from the manufacturer, and will be shipped to your home address over the summer. Upon arrival to campus, members of the Information Technology staff will be available to assist you in configuring your computer to connect to the campus network.


    Students choosing to buy a computer from Dell will receive up to an additional 12% discount off of the regular educational discounts offered through Dell's Education Site. All of the systems offered by Dell meet or exceed the computer specifications recommended by the College. To see the offerings for the Le Moyne Community from Dell,

    please click on this link.

    When entering this site, please use Member ID #: US126416154


    Apple offers educational discounts on all products to any student or staff member currently enrolled or working at a College or University. If your are interested in purchasing a Apple product, please visit the college’s site in the Apple Education Store via the following url to get the best possible pricing on a new Mac:


    Supplies from the Le Moyne Bookstore

    Ethernet Cables

    The Campus Bookstore sells network interface cables compatible with the campus network. Information Technology recommends buying a 25 foot cable. With this length, no matter where in your computer is located in your residence hall room, you should be able to reach the wall jack without having to run the cable across the room. Each residence hall room has 1 network connection per person (up to the designated capacity of the room).

    Co-Axial Cables

    The Campus Bookstore sells Co-Axial cables to connect your personal TV with the Campus cable network. Information Technology recommends buying a 25 foot cable. With this length, no matter where in your TV is located in your residence hall room, you should be able to reach the wall jack without having to run the cable across the room. There is one co-axial connection in each residence hall room on campus.

    *Please note, with the exception of connectivity to the campus network, all service and support on these machines will be provided directly from the respective manufacturers.